I’m not a human being…

…I’m a monster.

You deserve to know what kind of fiend hosts this blog.  My (very young) niece is getting married tomorrow.  Relatives have arrived from Arkansas, Alabama, New Mexico.

And guess what?  A few weeks ago, I offered her $250 to free me from going to the wedding.  Do I feel guilt?  Meh.  A smidgeon.  One single smidgeon more than Sheldon Cooper would. 

What I mostly feel is resentment.  At her.  The deal stipulated that she would break the news to her grandmother.  Has she?  Of course she hasn’t.  She seemed quite satisfied at trading her uncle for a quarter-thou, but does she do her job?  These kids today…

(I’m also getting tired of her Dad telling me how lucky I am, how much he envies me, how smart I am, etc, etc.) 

(Okay, that last one can’t be said too often.)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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5 Responses to I’m not a human being…

  1. SDH says:

    If I’m not getting married, I don’t want to be there. This doesn’t mean I would want to be there if I was getting married, I would feel obligated to attend however.

    …but since you’re not me, Go to the wedding, ya big grump ya.

  2. Billy says:

    Ruth and I are in St Croix, yet again. Told Ruth of your posting. She said you need a “dope slap”, which means you’re being a bit selfish. Sure, you don’t want to go, but lot’s of people will be happy that you went, assuming you change your mind and go; so do it for them, IMHO. Anyway, say hi to your brother and parents for me (when you see them next).

  3. Xpat says:

    It’s a much better situation with my family. They pay me not to show up.

    • LOLOLOL, oh nice one, X.

      Wormy: You give her a $250 wedding gift, and you thoughtfully give her regrets on the invite (most people don’t ever bother to RSVP!), and still you feel guilty?

      Weenie. Is the guilt in regards to disappointing the grandmother she was supposed to inform? It’s not the grandmother’s wedding, so her feelings shouldn’t be at issue. And that money was a gift, not a bribe, whether you like it or not. Niece has no obligation to notify anyone of anything. She’s the bride, man. Her show, her rules.

      Perhaps you generally feel bad about not paying grandma enough attention, which surely you can rectify outside the wedding scenario.

      If ya went, I hope you had a reasonably unawkward time. Cheers.


      • HER grandmother. It just occurred to me that you said her grandmother, not your grandmother, meaning your mom.

        Sometimes, I’m thicker than wet cement.

        So did you go?

        Have fun with your game night.

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