Is there a Community community?

Ann Coulter’s latest did a pretty good job of convincing me Romney is better less bad than Gingrich.  Providing even more reason to debark the political news train.    

So, as per the recent course, I’ve no idea what to say that might be of interest.  The second season of Community should arrive today (God bless you, Amazon Prime).  In Season One the protagonist was waaaaay too unlikable for the first few episodes.  Once they toned that down the show became a blast.

Apart from that, I got nothin’.  Sorry.  And there’s no plan to read any news this weekend.  Since realizing that America is dead, I can’t get very interested in its final twitching.  The smart thing would be to convert a lot of savings into survival gear and long-term supplies.  But I can’t get interested in that, either. 

UPDATE–Catching up on your comments, xpat reminded me of the “bedtime search string” I did for a bit.  Maybe I will Dogpile the phrase “German Science Babe” and see what happens.  But later.  From the home computer.  Thanks xpat!

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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7 Responses to Is there a Community community?

  1. thepi says:

    Here, have some non-political mocking of baby boomers:

  2. Xpat says:

    I think I speak for all the fellers here when I say that first person GSB reports are preferred.

  3. Edohiguma says:
    Lovely, isn’t it? I say they deserve at least two dozen with the cat. And be dragged through town in a cage so that all the citizens see them and can pelt them with rotten eggs and fruit. What? What I’m suggesting is not “civilized” or “humane”? It violates their “human rights”? A criminal has no human rights. He or she gave it up the moment the crime was committed. This pussyfooting with criminals has gone too far. Enough is enough.

    • SeanB says:

      Perhaps a public flogging in the town square – what they would get for drinking “back home”?

      If they are having a problem adjusting they should get the humane treatment of deportation so they are not exposed.

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