For the umpteenth time…

…there’s nothing wrong with socialism.

Lots of pundits are breaking out the “S” word, from Rush on down.  This is in response to Obama’s channelling “Teddy R.” in the newest New Nationalism speech.   So let me once again, futilely, provide the point that everyone’s still missing:

There’s nothing wrong with socialism.

It’s a management tool, nothing more.  Like all tools, it’s morally neutral (I don’t regard behaviors like rape and torture as tools even if employed to an end).  Dr. Barnard’s scalpel wasn’t good because it saved lives, and Springheel Jack’s wasn’t evil because it took them.

Voluntary socialism is angelic.  A professional fire department isn’t any more socialist, or inherently better, than a volunteer one.  Everything else being equal, the volunteer one is superior.  Because no one’s being forced to do anything.  Frankly, when involuntary socialism isn’t outright slavery, it’s always heading that direction.   Rush & Glenn & Co. should be focusing on the involuntary aspect, not the socialism part.

As you know, I’ve given up.  America has been Humpty-Dumptyed.   The Tea Partys rose up specifically against federal spending and debt.  So…what happened with the spending and debt since then?  What has the Republican Party done with its historic 2010 gains?  Cut spending?  Reduce debt?  We’ve added another $5,000 in debt, per person…since then

And meanwhile the government bans light bulbs and sells guns to Mexican druglords to subvert the 2nd Amendment while hand-raping grannies in airports

The T.P.s should have been all about freedom, not finances.  Rush shouldn’t bad-mouth socialism, he should encourage “progressives” to show us lesser mortals how it’s done.  Let California and Illinois go full Commie if they want, as long as everyone is free to leave. 

Yep.  It should have been about liberty, not lucre.  Bookkeeping is much easier to fudge and confuse than someone saying “give me liberty or give me death!”  Even if that had failed as well, at least the tyranny of our slavers would have been more obvious.  And a few million Americans yelling “QUIT TREADING ON ME!” would terrify ten times their number of statists. 

Well, gotta run.  Blinding rage has descended again.  (I just saw myself jamming two fingers into Rangel’s nostrils then yanking them down and smashing his head through a podium.)  So I have to turn away from the world…again. 

Hope you guys are coping with your relatively worm-free lives.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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5 Responses to For the umpteenth time…

  1. Xpat says:

    Top Ten List of Things Worme Can Blog about Other Than Politics Now That He’s Pronounced America Dead

    10. Start doing those bedtime search strings again.

    9. Start a regular feature for the guys called “GSB Watch.”

  2. Xpat says:

    8. Kitten videos!

    7. Go back to banging head on desk over nuclear reportage instead of banging head on the desk over politics.

    6. Did we mention GSB Watch?

  3. Xpat says:

    5. Branch out from Waterboy and The Tick clips to include clips from other comic and animated masterpieces, like the Airplane movies, and Johnny Quest.

    4. Reintroduce the sign ons and sign offs but with desolate post-Apocalyptic scenes.

    3. Start an advice column called “Ask Worme!”

  4. Xpat says:

    2. Occupy Minecraft!

    1. Wait for it . . . Here it is! Yes . . . It’s . . . GS Babewatch! (Did we say that already?)

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