A lunch that will live in infamy.

Put this one in the newly created “Beyond Parody” file.  Maybe it is a coincidence brought about by the history-ignorant.  But don’t forget the only reason Obama didn’t publicly apologize for Fat Man and Little Boy is because the idea horrified the Nipponese government.

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  1. Edohiguma says:

    Seriously? That’s it? Oh how dare they! I wonder how many people ate German food on September 1. Especially in Germany. On those Germans, celebrating WW2 with German food in Germany!

    Grasping at straws, there you have it. It just seems desparate. And now people are bitching why the Obama kids are in a private school. Oh because Obama’s elitist! Seriously, I can’t take either political side seriously anymore.

    If you’re a parent you try to get your kids into the best possible school. TWIL was at a private school as well. Oh noes, how elitist. AND at a private university. OH THE NOES!

    There is a group of Americans who had a project running of going to Japan and apologize for the bombs. One day I invaded their blog and chewed them out in a post that was so long it took 3 posts. Digging the facts out and throwing them at such idiots is fun.There is nothing to apologize for. It was war. It helped destroying imperial Japan and rebuild in a far better way. I would rather appreciate if the common narrative would be changed, how the bombs ended the war (no, they didn’t, correspondence from the imperial palace shows this) and I’d also like to see the BS with radioactivity connected to it to be gone.

    I know several hibakusha myself. One of them is the grandma of my ex-gf. She was 16 when the bomb hit Hiroshima and survived by sheer dumb luck. She basically walked back to Tokyo afterwards, cause that was where the rest of the family lived. The things she saw… nobody can even remotely imagine it. And today who is she blaming? Not the Americans. And she’s not the only one with that.

    As for the rest, I leave you with this:

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