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I’ve foregone (is that a word?) news this weekend in favor of watching season two of Eureka.  It’s very good whenever they keep that cocky felon off the screen.  There’s a lot of Easter eggs for science nerds. I did … Continue reading

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China doesn’t own as much debt as people think. Fed Now Largest Owner of U.S. Gov’t Debt—Surpassing China How much does China hold then? Meanwhile, as of the end of this September, entities in mainland China owned $1.1483 trillion in … Continue reading

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She is woman, hear her roar!

If you skimmed past Insty’s link to this jaw-dropping missive, I highly recommend it.  This is an outraged, moral hedge broker who shut down her fund.  Why? To protect her clients from remorseless thieves…our government and its cronies. If we … Continue reading

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Trust me, you can trust me with your daughters.

Yesterday was yet another busy workday when our six-person crew consisted of three technicians.  It’s early afternoon and I’m still catching up on yesterday’s paperwork.  This is today’s excuse for any abandonment issues you’ve developed. It occurs to me that, … Continue reading

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Safety Warning

The consulate of Japan in New York has issued a warning to all Japanese nationals in and around New York. Points 1. and 2. aren’t so interesting, but point 3. boils down to the following: In (1) Japanese citizens … Continue reading

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Tickling the shark.

If “jumping the shark” means you’re past your prime, how do we describe this lady? The really amazing part is near the end of the vid.

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Like kitty kudzu.

Hadn’t been to the LOLniverse in awhile.  It’s still spreading rapidly.  Two of the eight new sites are specifically targeted at me.  I’ll love them and hug them and pet them… Which of course is a reference to this which of course is a reference to … Continue reading

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But we are superior…to you, David.

Brooks acknowledges that he wouldn’t make any effort to rescue a child being raped.  Well, not in so few words, of course.  In many, many self-justifying words. And it’s true that many talkers wouldn’t walk the walk in the actual event.  … Continue reading

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A short break from Articles

Article 3 (legislative branch) is next, and it’s rather….dry, mostly. Unfortunately, some of the dry stuff is what’s causing some of the abuses, so I’m having to read it and amendments to see what Congress’ current powers are. Try reading … Continue reading

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At least some folks are still writing.

Still not wanting to dig into polical news, “news” implying that something is actually happening.  But iowahawk’s written another classic.  For you whippersnappers, here’s the parody source:

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