Trust me, you can trust me with your daughters.

Yesterday was yet another busy workday when our six-person crew consisted of three technicians.  It’s early afternoon and I’m still catching up on yesterday’s paperwork.  This is today’s excuse for any abandonment issues you’ve developed.

It occurs to me that, since this Sandusky thing, we’ve not heard a peep about the evil Boy Scouts and their ban of gay Scoutmasters.  Fine, I’ll be the brave one:  it’s time for the Boys to allow homosexual men to take them camping.  After all…

…what’s the worst that could happen?     

Actually, a very brave woman answers the question, right here.  Read the whole thing to be reminded where our thoughts should be.  What rapists create, and apologists enable, are depression and rage and alienation and alcohol and drugs and suicide.

But…the alternative to that scenario is offending progressives.  So bring on the gay troop leaders!

(To cynics who feel this is a long-term plan for me to become a Girl Scout troop leader…taking lithe, just-blossoming females into secluded places, totally dependent on a lonely, heterosexual man…

…get out of my head!)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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2 Responses to Trust me, you can trust me with your daughters.

  1. SeanB says:

    I trust you, I have no daughters.

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