But we are superior…to you, David.

Brooks acknowledges that he wouldn’t make any effort to rescue a child being raped.  Well, not in so few words, of course.  In many, many self-justifying words.

And it’s true that many talkers wouldn’t walk the walk in the actual event.  Even with good intentions, some people are very susceptible to shock.  I don’t look down on  panickers just because they’re useless (or worse) in emergencies.  

But this thoughtful post explains why McQuery (and evidently Brooks) is morally inferior.  What did he do when the shock wore off?  When he saw Sandusky with more boys in tow?

Yes, a lot of tough-talkers are lying to themselves and would actually flee.  But there’s no doubting what David would do, eh?   

(For the record, I would interrupt the rape of a boy or girl.  Heck, probably the rape of David Brooks.  The only delay would be gathering appropriate weaponry.)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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4 Responses to But we are superior…to you, David.

  1. Mountainbear says:

    “Unfortunately, none of us can safely make that assumption.”

    Yes I can. My father was a cop for 40 years. I grew up around law enforcement officers. My parents taught me the difference between right and wrong. I learned what I, as a citizen can do. I know my rights and how I can perform a citizen’s arrest (we have something similar here.) I carry a gun every day these days because 1) want to be able to defend myself, but 2) should I witness a crime of any kind, I can interfere with superior fire power and the element of surprise.

    Not long ago there was a case here in Vienna where police was tracking a pickpocket. They had him, he overwhelmed the cop with him and tried to get away. In the scuffle the cop went down and called for help. That happened in a mall. Hundreds of people watched. One guy helped. One out of hundreds. Ironic detail: the guy was a kung fu instructor. The pickpocket was apprehended again.

    But all these people watched. I’ve seen this stuff myself as paramedic. People just stand and watch and do nothing. You have a traffic accident, people are injured and at once you have a crowd that just stares and actually gets into your way! Oh look! It’s like in ER! Cool! Don’t lift even a finger to be useful.

    It’s not because they’re “omg, I could get hurt!” No, it’s simply because they’re horny for blood and guts, they want to see action, like on tv. They are “sensationsgeil” as we say it in German. (literally, more or less, “horny for sensationalism”.) Our broken school systems, families and the ever present bombardment with “entertainment” has led to this.

    What do you do with your kids? You put them in front of the tv and have them watch Teletubbies or some other nonsense. I’ve seen it myself in a kids’ hospital. Put the kids in front of the tv and they’re busy and silent and leave you in peace.

    And all of this culminates in what we have today as “society”: where nobody gives a damn anymore about anything else other than his own entertainment and entitlement.

    Now, time for a wall of text, which is something I like to quote on such occasions. This was written around the middle to late 17th century in feudal Japan. It’s from the “bushido shoshinshu”, basically “bushido for beginners” by Taira Shigesuke (he had a few other names he went by.) It is somewhat connected to the topic at hand.

    “Managing the home

    If the conduct of a warrior’s wife displeases him in some way, he should explain the reason and admonish her in such a way that she will understand. If it is a minor matter, it is reasonable to forgive and set it aside tolerantly. However, if she has had a bat attitude all along and ultimately seems to be no good, he simply divorces her and sends her back to her parents. This is, however, an exceptional case. ((Note from me: indeed, such divorces were extremely uncommon))

    Anyway, if you don’t follow this advice but instead shout at your wife, who is to be honored as mistress of your house, abusing her with foul language, that may be the way of back-alley coolies of the business district, but it is certainly not appropriate to the behavior of a knightly warrior. How much the more objectionable it is to brandish your sword or punch her with your fist – this is unspeakable behavior, characteristic of a cowardly warrior. ((Note from me: such cases of domestic violence would not go unnoticed and there are reported cases where family members of the abused wife took it to their daimyo -their master- and that lord then divorced the couple, effectively protecting the wife from an abusive husband))

    Let me explain. A woman who was born into a warrior family and has reached marriageable age would never tolerate being punched if she were a man, but because of her low status as woman she has no choice but to tearfully endure it.

    ((Now comes the important part))

    To abuse someone he sees cannot fight back is something a valiant warrior simply does not do. Someone who takes to what valiant warriors reject is called a coward.”

    • wormme says:

      The difference between a warrior culture and a merely violent one.

    • DefendUSA says:

      Seen that myself, MB…people sitting idly by while another gets hurt. Have never been able to pass by anyone in need of help, myself. I almost got arrested because I stopped in an airport where an old lady fell and split her head open. WTF is wrong with people? I ask myself daily.

  2. DefendUSA says:

    I have issues with McQeary’s lies. He claims he went to the cops, they deny it. The problem is that political correctness caused this kid to go to his father and protect his own sorry ass. And JoePa ain’t looking any better with that little real estate transaction last July.
    You’ve got to be quite the weeny to let a ten year old boy in your view continue to be abused, criminally to boot. When I was around 8, we had a 14 year old sitter-who brought her older boy friend to the house. He thought it would be cute to get my four year old sister to “bite the hot dog”. I saw this and embarrassed the guy and pretended it was okay. About two minutes later I had a chance, and called my mother to come home from work and the parents were called when she got there. Even I knew the right thing to do at eight.
    The blame in the JoePa scandal goes deep. It’s unfortunate, all the political correctness that happens over right and wrong when it is very clear what should have been done. Nothing corrupts more than power.
    And I would cut the d*ck off any bastard that dared and I were a witness. No.matter. what.

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