Foosball Saturday.

Never blogged about my depression over the ‘Bama/LSU game, did I?  We may have come as close as possible to a national title without getting it.

It’s getting harder and harder to blog about civic events because my anger keeps skyrocketing.  Italy is now going bellow-up from debt.  We simultaneously watch this happen while adding $5,000 more in debt per American, per year.  And we let the Takers demonize us for insisting it stop.  How can we form “a more perfect union” with such people?  Why would we?  If we can’t go our separate ways then I’m ready to just start beating the crap out of them.  I’ve had it up to here with this mulishness and apparently the only cure is the good ol’ 2 x 4.

Bleh.  I may have to withdraw from news just to fulfill a mimimal Christian duty:  never hate the lost mules sheep.

Sorry to be a weekend downer.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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9 Responses to Foosball Saturday.

  1. Xpat says:

    Blogfather linked a very funny but astute Cracked piece:

    The take-away: blame it on Generation X.

    • Mountainbear says:

      It’s not my fault. Ever since I failed at veterinary medicine I’ve been working in private industry. I don’t even have kids! I have a niece and three god-daughters, who are all raised properly by their parents doing some actual parenting!


      I know, I know.

      Though, this generation stuff is confusing. Generation X, according to some sources, goes into 1982. Generation Y (the millies), however, starts as early as mid 70s according to the same sources (what the…) But since X are the children of the boomers, I’m X. Interesting, going by the dates, TWIL is a Y. No, it’s not confusing. It’s silly.

      I blame lousy parents, a phenomenon that is timeless.

  2. ooh, xpat, I loves me some generational smack talk. That article is way off base. I certainly never made anyone feel bad for menial jobs; I held fast food and retail jobs for years. Anyway, the Gen X’ers are only 15 ish years older than the Millenials, so generally we are not their parents but their aunts, uncles, older siblings.

    The millenials’ parents share the blame for what they become: /cue dramatic music/ the Baby Boomers. Ah, yes, as a Gen X child of pre-Boomer parents (the Silent Generation), I of course shoulder no blame whatsoever.


    glad you are feeling better, Wormy.

  3. SDH says:

    I’d actually hang part of the blame on the Greatest Generation. They were the ones who raised the boomers and fostered their entitlement mentality. I’ll hang some of the blame on the Silent Generation for failing to fix entitlements, but most of my wrath is focused on the Boomers.

    The Millennials have my pity. They were raised in a culture of everyone is special, received awards for just showing up and you deserve As for just attending class. Now they’re being exposed to reality.

    Gen X also needs a good swift kick, your kids are being fed into the same system that produced OWS; what are you doing about it? Homeschooling is definitely a good choice.

  4. Mountainbear says:

    Well, using some socialist terminology for a second. Sometimes, for the greater good, you have to do some purging.

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