If your heart is in the right place…

Like the song goes…”I’m just a soul whose intentions were good…oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood…”

I had a rather naïve thought the other day…This Solyndragate thing had me pissed. Not just because the President knowingly threw taxpayer money away and we have no recourse in collecting it but, because if we tally up what the President has wasted, I could have done better. And therein sits my naïve thought. Bear with me while I get there.

787 billion dollars wasted on things that are never going to be built, created, or otherwise…because we have no proof of TARP and success, do we? Not really. A few more million here, a billion there and we now are nearing the current debt ceiling yet again. The things I wonder…why no outrage? Why no outrage that the President ignored the Tea Party movement and yet gave full attention and support to the Occupiers who have done nothing to further anything but, have indeed cost businesses and cities to lose revenues and jobs? Not only that but we find out that the DNC is killing some of the prosperity for the good people in Charlotte, NC (a right to work state, my state)because it is excluding non-union workers and some are being laid off and replaced by union workers in hotels…

I keep digressing. Sorry. So, here’s the thought. I said to myself, I says, “Self, if the President had given each working American some of that 787 billion, imagine what could have been done!” And then the self said it aloud and caused a stir. My better half said, “Why would you do that?” My naïve self then explained that I could finally go to school to become a nurse and be able to give back. To wit, the BH said, “Ah, but my dear self, everyone is not like you. Most would think of it as free money, waste it and put the hand out for more. And in the politician’s case, it’s what they bank on. If I said you could go to school for a degree, or you could do job training and get paid- you would take it. Most people would just say hell no and ask for the money straight up because they do not want to work…just like the lifetime welfare recipients.” It’s that feed the people or teach them to fish thing.

I was deflated. My heart was in the right place, but he was spot-on. It’s not about putting people back to school or work for reasonable outcomes. It is and always has been about whose votes can be bought. And what some people never get is that this is how communities of people are used and abused. I call it the wife beater syndrome of voters. It seems to be much more rampant among the dems. They promise you this and that and you vote. Bam. The election happens, bam promise broken. Bam. They promise in the next election to do right by you and….bam, not so much. In terms of the GOP, well, I see that we have been led astray too, but not ever to the point where we cannot continue to fend for ourselves and see what should be done…Tea Party, anyone? We are not destitute, nor are we down for long and even when working two jobs to pay for whatever obligations we have, we are not bitter like the others. I harbor no jealousy toward those who have more, because sometimes I have had more and I have had much more of the less side of things. No one owes me anything. But the Constitution made it so that the will of the people was of utmost import. The President and Congress need to start paying attention to those wills because sooner or later, the shit is going to hit the fan…figuratively more so than literally, I hope.
I am PollyAnna by nature. I usually shoot for all the good in people I can find because negativity sucks. I still believe we can prevail and I am willing to fight to keep what we have. It’s sad that some will never understand what I do. I live in a Republic and I want to keep it.

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