Reinventing the Wheel, Badly:

I didn’t get to this when I intended to, but it’s here anyways.

One constant of too many activist groups is their utter disdain for those not included in the group; compounded with this is their purely religious level belief in their opinions being so right that it is impossible for them to fail; regardless of actual occurrences. This is on display for us lately.


Here we get to see the classic exclusionism of political splinter groups, instead of really concerning themselves with the people as a whole the system devolves into haves and have not’s:

stakeholders in the nascent movement

Why it almost sounds like propertization of ideas, creating an advantage for those who ‘bought in’ early!

With that comes the requisite ‘decision’ that some are more equal than others:

a bid to shift some power from the general assembly comprised of the semi-random group of people who show up on the Broadway steps each evening to the working group members who have invested time and effort in the occupation

Ah, ‘time and effort’, it is such a burden to be the king you know. And the people are so hard to handle when every decision must be made with them! This is the devolution from self-direction to autocracy, but again, the disease is here; some are more equal than others because they ‘contributed’, somehow.

Mechanically, I think the ‘organizers’ (which by definition means leader, by the way) will be surprised when winter really kicks in. Their actual power base is not used to discomfort in fact, just their perception of it; it’s the homeless of NY who don’t have a choice, beyond which park to be in; and the one with tents, or tarps, is the obvious answer. Sure, they’ll try and keep ‘momentum’ through the winter, but these ‘camps’ will get pretty ripe and the level of focus needed by their sycophants to keep them relevant will become an issue all its own.

In the same vein we have:


The ‘Marxist’ speaks and the tradition keeps its way: they don’t care about people, at all.

“We can’t continue to be a homeless shelter,” Hommen said.

They’re here for power, power over their fellow citizens; in the real world the homeless and such are a part of life that needs to be addressed, their ‘addressing’ it is to cast it aside. Their ‘morality’ extends only so far as what they can obtain from other’s pockets, so far.

I should say; an actual Marxist is not something I would expect to see at this kind of socialist-populism display (many claim to be, few are). They’re much more interested in people and their wellbeing than would be tolerated at an event like this.

In all of this we are shorted some truths we should remember.

Pure democracy is a wonderful study, but a dangerous body politic, and completely impractical on a large scale.

Consensus does not mean the leader-in-fact talking until everyone seems to agree.

A democratic process means accepting outcomes you don’t like along with ones you do; you don’t change the system to exclude people, and stratify the political power to get your way. You will only suffer for that choice later, never reap in the long term.

If you actually wish to take over a government you have to accept all of the issues that come with the people governed. There is no magic to save you, only the dirt and grime of the world of man.

An interesting view:

The OWS protestors are a revolt — a shrill, cri-de-coeur wail at the betrayal of class solidarity — of the lower tier New Class against the upper tier New Class.  It was, after all, the upper tier New Class, the private-public finance consortium, that created the student loan business and inflated the bubble in which these lower tier would-be professionals borrowed the money.

For all their ‘education’ it amazes me to watch them make so many mistakes anyone with an interest in governance should have known about.

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