Following the Money and Regs….

I peruse The Blaze. I am never shocked about the organizations or the individuals who are supporting OWS. It’s such a farce and the people are the tools. They seem to have no clue about their purpose and the reports that they are getting paid ten bucks an hour with taxpayer money makes me shiver. I could send my son, who has more sense than the lot of them at 18.
Click the link, have a read.
Do scratch your head and wonder where all of this will lead…constructive or destructive…heh. I suspect those of us here are voting for the D.
Another interesting tidbit is an article that shows the CRA, and the Clinton Admins regs of 1994 to bring a false charge of racial discrimination where none existed is how the bubble burst…Indeed, the standards set and used in the underwriting process weeded out the risks. They happened to be black and hispanic and they were credit risks! So now, those of us who met the standards have taken on the burden of the folly of the Government because our housing values have fallen to that “underwater” thingy and the defaulters have walked away or got relief that was not deserved.

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3 Responses to Following the Money and Regs….

  1. DefendUSA says:

    Sorry…don’t know how to make the link live…copy and paste it, i guess! 🙂

    • MG says:

      There should be a link button in the tools at the top of the post writing box, you can highlight a link or text and then click it.

  2. Xpat says:

    Does this work? I think you have to do a simple line break right after the last character.

    (I’d like to know the code for giving the link with a new name, without showing the URL.)

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