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I’ll “Clue” you in later.

You’ll get culprit, weapon, the location.  See, posting has been light because I’ve been performing America’s autopsy.  The murder writeup is turning into a long piece and still needs editing.  So it’ll probably go up tomorrow.   Meanwhile, I continue to read the news and … Continue reading

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My answer’s better. Shorter, anyway.

Question: If professors don’t teach a lot of job skills, don’t teach their students how to think, and don’t instill constructive work habits, why do employers so heavily reward educational success?  He’s writing a book about it.  But the right … Continue reading

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The climate is hopeless too.

I’ve lost faith, even hope, in an American recovery.  It’s still theoretically possible.  But I don’t see another free society until the U.S.has torn itself apart.  Maybe not even then.  You can’t have “a more perfect union” when roughly half … Continue reading

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Talked up some D&D (3.5 Edition) with brother and the GSB this weekend, then thumbed through some game books.  Though my playing years were all 2nd Edition (starting in 1979) I’ve got dozens of version 3-3.5 books. Also have  one 4th … Continue reading

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Foosball fatigue.

Watched more football today than any other day of the year.  It was exhausting; I did so much snacking and reclining it feels like three in the morning.  So until tomorrow, adios, moo-chachoos. (No, I don’t know why the text … Continue reading

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Belated happy Thanksgiving! We’re at halftime of the LSU/Arkansas game.  Most of you probably aren’t big college football fans, but the current situation is unprecedented.  The top three teams in the nation are all in the same conference, same division.  … Continue reading

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Dentist 1, wormme 0

My 1 ½ hours in the dentist’s chair yesterday included an “under-numbing” event, which left me feeling as boneless as my namesake.  So last night I forget there was such a thing as the Internet, much less that I had … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Now!

I’ve been wanting to translate this article for quite some time. It was posted on March 28 by Prof. Reinhard Zöllner, professor for Japanology at the Bonn university. I’m not a professional translator (especially not for German-English), so there may … Continue reading

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Snake-in-the-grass oil.

Money-grubbing greedy Greenies.  I guess Al Gore is this guy’s hero.  If you’re going to scare-monger, don’t hold back! He also alleges that the Japanese government is trucking radioactive material from the Fukushima site all over Japan, in order to … Continue reading

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Ignorance is blissfulesque.

I’m afraid I could really get into this “news-free weekends” stuff.  But we’re still staying very busy at work so there was no relieving my ignorance today.  And hey, who else’s workweek ends on Wednesday this Thanksgiving season?  Four-day weekend!

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