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Virgin territory.

Why is it that throwing a virgin into a volcano is pagan, but tossing one in an earthquake is being generous to a fault?

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Connection problems at work.

At least, I hope that’s what it was.  Hopefully they haven’t cut me off.  Don’t know why they would, people can check Facebook and whatnot. Also, it appears I’m coming down with a bug.  Just coughed on my keyboard right … Continue reading

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A guest post

So, W.O.R.M., thank you for opening up the site! This is a test to see if it actually works, plus politics to boot! So, my topic is citizenship. Currently for the United States, citizenship is granted to those who are … Continue reading

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Uh oh, income inequality is narrowing.

This is bad. I’m on record as being pro-income inequality.  The more the better, the faster the better.  It’d be nice if someone with a national forum ever got a clue.  To re-state the obvious:  the poorest people have nuthin’.  Always have, always … Continue reading

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Author, author!

Nooneofanyimport, xpat, mountainbear, MG, DefendUSA, D.J., Sue, and dumbasdirt have all been sent “author” invites.  Remember: With great power comes great responsibility. If you don’t want to bear such an awesome burden, I suppose you can decline the invite.  I don’t see the option for forcing … Continue reading

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Hot rods.

Drum roll please.   Thank you!  I’ll be here all week.  Don’t forget to tip your waitress. One van that was re-registered and sold within Japan was found to emit 110 microsieverts of radiation an hour. As a “whole body” dose rate, that’s … Continue reading

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Happy Bear is very happy, thank you for asking.

Despite budget concerns, I was due for a new work computer.  Yay?  But now it’s file transfer time.  Joy.  Still, it means running across some good older stuff.  Here’s some mailed from the only women tech in our office.  No one else … Continue reading

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