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Uh oh, income inequality is narrowing.

This is bad. I’m on record as being pro-income inequality.  The more the better, the faster the better.  It’d be nice if someone with a national forum ever got a clue.  To re-state the obvious:  the poorest people have nuthin’.  Always have, always … Continue reading

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Author, author!

Nooneofanyimport, xpat, mountainbear, MG, DefendUSA, D.J., Sue, and dumbasdirt have all been sent “author” invites.  Remember: With great power comes great responsibility. If you don’t want to bear such an awesome burden, I suppose you can decline the invite.  I don’t see the option for forcing … Continue reading

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Hot rods.

Drum roll please.   Thank you!  I’ll be here all week.  Don’t forget to tip your waitress. One van that was re-registered and sold within Japan was found to emit 110 microsieverts of radiation an hour. As a “whole body” dose rate, that’s … Continue reading

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Happy Bear is very happy, thank you for asking.

Despite budget concerns, I was due for a new work computer.  Yay?  But now it’s file transfer time.  Joy.  Still, it means running across some good older stuff.  Here’s some mailed from the only women tech in our office.  No one else … Continue reading

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Thanks for the as yet unread comments!

Am only now getting to the computer at home.  In addition to (I’m told) “them” cracking down on personal use of computers at work, we were very short-handed.  Which is tiring but nice, because there’s less guilt when I have to … Continue reading

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Greeks bearing grifts.

Behold human nature at its most awesome! “They show that what Germany did not manage with weapons during World War Two, it is now trying to do through economic means,” Got that?  Germany’s reluctance to loan more Euros to deadbeats … Continue reading

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Pixels for everyone!

Apparently I just need email addresses to authorize contributors.  So any regular who’d like to post, or at least have the option of posting, let me know here.  New readers will need to put up some comments first.  We need to … Continue reading

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Maybe being undead won’t be so bad.

After all, this zombie is a phenomenal photojournalist.  But suppose we end up like the shambling brain-dead creatures being documented?  The odds don’t seem good. And perhaps the world’s only non-zombified Democrat, Mickey Kaus, administers a thrashing to some statistical lies.   Plus … Continue reading

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Never thought I’d start the Zombie Apocalypse.

Apparently I’ve doomed us all.  In hindsight, it was a mistake to actually perform the Schrodinger’s Cat experiment on my niece’s pet.  After the smoke cleared and I popped the box open, the dead/alive kitty hissed and took a swipe … Continue reading

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News begins at home?

It’s not that I’m avoiding blogging.  I’m tired of news, even apart from not being able to read much at work anymore.  And you’ve done nothing to deserve posts like “still grinding levels in Disgaea 4” or, “man, I buy … Continue reading

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