Still no connection from work.

Still can’t post from work.  It may be that I won’t be able to anymore.  Which means no weekday posts until 5 P.M. or so.  By me, that is, it’d be great if any of you want to.

Also, no idea what happened to the “Chaz Bono” post.  I’d copied a pic of an OWS gal holding a sign reading “have a degree in transgendered Latino studies and still can’t find a job”.  Oh well.

And I just finished the first season of Dexter.  The very premise of the series…the protagonist is a serial killer…provided a list of necessary story elements, which they follow.  Obviously he has to target other killers, certainly he needs a profession providing access to them, etc. etc. etc.

The show is very well written and acted.  And they make sociopathy less glamorous than I expected. But man, Dexter is such a whiner. Awww, relationships are tough? At least you have relationships, killer. Great…even psychopaths have richer social lives than I do.

The creators don’t recognize Dexter’s central fallacy: he believes he doesn’t care about other people yet is compelled to kill them?  That’s bovine byproduct.  You see the problem? Someone who really doesn’t care becomes a hermit, not a killer. You don’t get to work your butt off at something and claim not to care.

But Michael C. Hall’s performance is astounding. He’s masterful in the role.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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5 Responses to Still no connection from work.

  1. MG says:

    “have a degree in transgendered Latino studies and still can’t find a job”

    What the heck is that? Where are all these weird degrees coming from? How are there even degrees for some of this…

  2. SDH says:

    Wait…you’re complaining you’re not a psychopath?

    Where are the co-bloggers? I demand some content. 🙂

    • D.J. says:

      Working on it. My main thing is Constitution 2.0, but I could branch out if you guys want! Philosophy, logic, Christianity, fun videos, whatever.

      And where are the others that have been granted the Power of Posting? So far, I’m the only one to join the W.O.R.M.!

  3. SeanB says:

    May I suggest a tethered connection to your laptop from your phone? Works if you have a data plan, and works pretty much everywhere.

  4. You’ve given Dexter some thought. Here’s my critique, without watching a single episode:

    The premise: a sociopath is a better arbiter of criminal justice than the criminal justice system.

    Nice try, since the criminal justice system does fail on a regular basis.

    But sociopaths care even less about criminal justice than the system does.

    I don’t buy it.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    BTW I saw that you sent an invite to me as well as the others by email. But, I didn’t get any such email. With me being a fellow blogger, perhaps the better practice would be for you to reblog any of my posts that you fancy, if you happen to fancy them. Because if I have a thought worth sharing, chances are I’ve already shared it.

    cheers my friend

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