Weekend update.

Hey presto, we’re back!

So, our facility is really feeling the budget crunch.  For example they’re about to take our water cooler, since tap water is in the building.  That’s fine.  But my boss also said it would be wise not to spend too much computer time on non-work related activities.

Now, in my field we’re not totally busy throughout the day, every day.  That is by design.  A major part of our responsibility is responding to radiological emergencies and unexpected events.  Firefighters aren’t routinely worked to exhaustion for very good reason.

So until now it’s been no problem for me to read news and blog from work.  It still won’t be, during breaks and lunch.  On those days that aren’t totally busy, of course.

In fact, this blog will now get better.  Because a few months ago someone pointed out that others could post here, also.  All that’s needed is for me to take the time to learn how to authorize others.  But I haven’t done it yet because I’m easily distra…hey look, a squirrel!

Where was I…?  Oh, yeah.  I’ll be happy to authorize posting for any of our current regular commenters.  Not today, obviously, it beeing Foosball Saturday and the LSU/Auburn game directly proceeds the Roll Tide!/Tennessee one.

My only request would be that mountainbear keeps any F-bombs “below the fold”.  My parents have said they might check out the blog someday.  But obviously mountainbear must post.  He and xpat make this site very Nippon-wise for a Western blog.

Gotta run for now.  Comments obviously welcome, posting soon will be.

But it’s fine.  If–(UPDATE–bad editing, sorry)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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30 Responses to Weekend update.

  1. D.J. says:

    Oh, this should be interesting indeed. Looking forward to it. Collaboration can take things off in new directions. And given the commenters here, those directions won’t be bad ones either.

    Dawgs at Stanford @ 3pm here. No TV, though, so I’d have to catch updates online.

  2. Mountainbear says:

    But but but! Freedom of speech! It’s my constitutional right to F-bomb everything and everyone eveywhere!

    Yeah, I’m kidding. It doesn’t apply to places like this. It only applies to the government and public places.

    It cut off at “But it’s fine. If” Someone kidnapped the worme! Holy leaping penguins Batman!

    • MG says:

      He saw another squirrel, I think.

      • Mountainbear says:

        Damn those squirrels. They be dangerous.

        Time for a WoW joke: only paladins know that squirrels go into Enrage after 5 minutes.

        • Xpat says:

          Er, that should be “Darn those squirrels.”

          • Mountainbear says:

            No. Damn them. Damn them all to hell!

          • Xpat says:

            As a first tier poster, you’ll be obliged to observe the new SFWMAD (Safe for WORM’s Mom and Dad) protocols.

            With power comes responsibility.

          • Xpat says:

            I believe “Darn them all to heck!” would be the appropriate expression.

          • Mountainbear says:

            I have a pointy stick.

          • Xpat says:

            MB, is the rest of the world reporting the flooding in Thailand? It’s like that whole country’s underneath a meter or two of water. It’s also seriously messing up Japanese industrial facilities there–these are industries already reeling from 3.11. Bad mojo.

          • MG says:

            From the US, I can only really think of Michael Yon as mentioning it (Thailand), but it’s not his focus.

        • MG says:

          I hear Monks are going to be taking Paladins jobs.

          • Mountainbear says:

            There is a lot of QQ on the forums and I absolutely loved how Chris Metzen yesterday at BlizzCon said to a classic lore nerd (I swear these people are more socially awkward than I am, yes, that is possible) “No, Pandaren are not a joke race” and looking at what Blizzard released so far, they certainly aren’t. When I look at what was published so far, Blizz took a deep dive into East Asian mythologies, cultures and history and it makes me squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

            Of course most western people know little to nothing about that and it confuses them.

            And I’m looking forward to my monk. Oh yes.

          • MG says:

            When I saw the (c) request a bit ago I assumed it was probably right, it seemed the logical drift after the transition between WotLK and Cata.
            It was, as they said, a high-polling idea for the game. And really, fun for funs sake was, at least to me, really getting thin in the game.

            Are you an active player currently?

          • Mountainbear says:

            I think this is the shameful moment where I should say “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” The problem is… I did. Still do. Been in WoW since launch, and on US servers since 2007. I’m playing on the (in)famous RP server Moon Guard (infamous because of our Goldshire, but that’s an Alliance problem.) I’m slowly expanding into Firetree (PvP server) for OMFGPANDA! I retired my 85 raiding druid shortly after Cata hit. I was already out of raiding before that. Tanking and healing for whiney DPS who want to be rushed through content is no fun.

            Xpat, there’s not much in our media in Austria. Haven’t checked Germany, but it’s unlikely that it’s any different. ORF’s focus in on Bangkok and that’s it.

            And before I forget it…

            FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!

          • MG says:

            Nah, not at all. I played from launch to sometime around a year ago I guess. I stayed on PvE with raids mostly.

            RP server Moon Guard

            Oh… Well, don’t let WORM’s mom find out.
            A ways into Cata I dropped raiding and then closed the account. I definitely know what you mean about tanking/healing!
            I might fiddle with it again pending MoP.

    • wormme says:

      I’m guessing you’re playing Arkham City.

  3. Xpat says:

    I’m not a good bet as a blogger/poster but welcome the idea of showcasing the talented regulars here, and I’ll be happy to keep reading and commenting as usual–probably more happy, actually, as there will be more active threads than before.

    But this forces me to think about the branding issue again. I think I can grasp that all posters don’t have to equally rational to be more rational than everyone else in the world (the set of people that are the most rational in the world, though with unequal levels of rationality amongst themselves). So posters can all be supremely rational without threatening WORMs pre-eminence in rationality. Alternately, posters can be equal in rationality. However, I don’t think any of the posters can be more rational than WORM, as this would call into question his current self-identification, making all the previous years of the blog a public error. Unless it could be shown that the rationality was something either achieved, or conferred. As for mixed gender possibilities, while they would not present logical difficulties, they create a very awkwardly worded brand identification. WORMAW? I think WORM worked through this issue once, but I can’t remember when.

    Here’s a not totally satisfactory interim solution:
    (World’s Only Rational Man et al)

    • Mountainbear says:

      WORM & Co.

    • All you have to do is change one letter of the blog title: World’s Only Rational Men.

      If the host is willing to share his title, that is.

      Great idea, Wormy. Your personal alias would still be “WORM,” of course, and your contributors would have their own handles, in order to show who authored which post.

      And xpat, really. You should contribute from time to time. You make me laugh out loud with some of your comments.


      • Xpat says:

        Garsh. Thanks.

        But shouldn’t you be posting, too (and Sue)? And wouldn’t you both find “World’s Only Rational MEN” to be an exclusionary act of an oppressive male hegemony?

        • Humpf. Any female that insists on a gender neutral term (like humankind instead of mankind) is not fit for any title of rationality.

          I’d crosspost from my humble blog anytime, but I’m not so sure this crowd would be interested in my current standard (sparse) fare. Quick “look at this!” links and elementary school textbook critiques, anyone?

          Wormy, if you haven’t figured it out yet: scroll down the left column of your dashboard until you get to “users.” There, you can add the email and name of the new persons allowed on your blog. You can add them as an author or a contributor.

          The difference between them according to wordpress:

          Author – Somebody who can publish and manage their own posts
          Contributor – Somebody who can write and manage their posts but not publish them

          Don’t worry about the procrastination. In fact, by looking this up for you, I procrastinated on a)finding a new dentist b)figuring out dinner c)signing up for a family 5k online, and d)buying Webb Wilder tix d)laundry e)getting my run in.

          think I’ll get to work now


      • wormme says:

        Thanks! I was pondering W.O.R. Mortals, so as not to exclude anyone of any import.

        • Xpat says:

          This highlights some of my problems.

          I make no claims for augmented levels of rationality; at best I am kind of an empiricist.

          And when I visit the States, where most of the guys now seem to have shaved heads, a macho swagger, shirts with the sleeves ripped off, and armloads of tattoos–yes, I even begin to doubt the “man” part.

      • Mountainbear says:

        “World’s Only Rational Men”

        Sounds like a movie title for some British or Australian indy. Then it would get a Hollywood remake, and it would be a mess.

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