Now…HEED MY SECOND WARNING!…more eyebleach alert.   Just saw this earlier Zombie dispatch on the patchouli crowd, which it dispatches.   Thus, a dispatchouli.

In addition to the usual excellent photography, zombie makes a great clarifying point.  The two main footsoldier types in these Occupations are communists…

…and anarchists….


As Z notes,

In American politics there are two strong currents of anti-capitalist thought: Marxism/communism/socialism versus Anarchism/far-left-libertarianism. The problem is that these two ideologies are fundamentally at odds; one advocates hyper-centralization of political and economic power, while the other advocates hyper-decentralization.

In earlier times, the communists and the anarchists hated each other; they are natural enemies.

It makes you realize just how pitiful they are.  Foes teaming up to ruin the lives of people who want nothing to do with either of them.  Mortal enemies, but united in being inferior to everyone else, and knowing it.

Sad.  Occasionally hilarious, but always sad.  Even their storming of Wells-Fargo was pathetic, due to zombie’s swift-footed counterprotestism.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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4 Responses to HEED MY WARNING!

  1. Socratease says:

    The Anarchists could whip the Communists, if only they got organized.

  2. Mountainbear says:

    The SP guy looks drunk and the anarchist can’t even spell the F bomb.

    Can I kill them in the name of the God-Emperor already?

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