Is peace of mind worth a third of a grand?

Radiophobia:  there’s an app for that.  Actually, I’m not mocking this at all.  A fellow tech rolled his eyes at this news, being of the opinion that an incorrectly wielded instrument is worse than none at all.

He is, of course, absolutely right.

But I don’t think he gets “the wisdom of crowds” and distributed intelligence models.  No, individual reports can’t be considered reliable prior to confirmation.  And eventually a newly-minted iTech will detect someone who’s had a medical uptake, and panic.

But ten thousand Pennsylvanian iTechs during Three Mile Island?  Combine that data and you’ve got the best noble gas dispersal survey ever.

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2 Responses to Is peace of mind worth a third of a grand?

  1. Mountainbear says:

    For that price I can get me a real Geiger counter.

    Wait, I would actually have to get an iThing first, too. Give me something like that for droid and I may consider it.

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