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Thanks AofSHQ!

For linking this compilation of best/worst student analogies. I had seen the “solar eclipse” one, but not most of the others. It was an American tradition, like fathers chasing kids around with power tools. Amen, brother!  And a Dogpile search … Continue reading

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Never realized how apt his last name was, until now.

Governor Moonbeam is a Brownshirt?  Huh.  You learn something new every day.

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Let’s balance this equation.

Tea Partyers luv Herman Cain = Democrats luv Robert Byrd. So…if love of the Hermanator is racist, what must Klansman-love mean?  That Democrats are irredeemably genocidal and must immediately be slain–man, woman, and child alike–with their every work destroyed and their lands sewed with … Continue reading

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German Engineering

Just surveyed a homemade collimator for some of our researchers.  It consisted of hundreds of extremely thin, extremely closely-spaced kapton/boron sheets.  It is elegant in its sheet simplicity.  Neutrons flying straight and true pass through unimpeded.  Neutrons deviating even slightly … Continue reading

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Is peace of mind worth a third of a grand?

Radiophobia:  there’s an app for that.  Actually, I’m not mocking this at all.  A fellow tech rolled his eyes at this news, being of the opinion that an incorrectly wielded instrument is worse than none at all. He is, of … Continue reading

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