Excuses, excuses.

Had such a bad headache last night that reading seemed unpleasant, much less writing.  Today’s been frantically busy and exhausting at work.  Though this blog will display any half-baked junk I unload (like this crappy explanation), I hate that.  I’m not phasing out the site or losing interest.  But when my own thoughts are uninteresting I sure don’t inflict them on others.     

And tomorrow is the dreaded quarterly training day.  All of us prefer these super-busy days to that.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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1 Response to Excuses, excuses.

  1. Mazzuchelli says:

    Don’t think you’re alone. I’m absolutely exhausted from an extended day yesterday due to a major supplier visit and gourmet dinner that ran very long. Surely, I’m representative of the softening of the American will and psyche. So sue me. Plan to take an EQ soon since I have to stop for gas before I can get home and hit the sack. Those fifty dollar fill ups add to my level of exhaustion. And, training, good grief. I dodged a bullet on a really banal and tiresome course a couple of months ago. Allergies were giving me fits to the degree the coughing would.not.stop. So, I was forced to leave during the morning half of the material. Luckily, I registered on the paperwork so seem to have dodged that bullet for the most part. The older I get, the less B.S. can be absorbed or ignored.

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