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Proper functions of government

Returning to the Constitution 2.0 theme, and I realized that while citizenship is an important concept, an even more important one is the philosophy of government: what powers should it have and why? So, looking at the current Constitution, I … Continue reading

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Still no connection from work.

Still can’t post from work.  It may be that I won’t be able to anymore.  Which means no weekday posts until 5 P.M. or so.  By me, that is, it’d be great if any of you want to. Also, no … Continue reading

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Ok, so this is one day early.

Did you hear about the vampire turned poet? He went from bat…to verse!

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I guess Chaz Bono isn’t hiring.


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Do muggers deserve tips?

InstaGlenn is really flogging the “higher ed bubble” lately.  Rightfully so.  Lots and lots of people are doing it.  Its cost has risen immensely faster than inflation, for decades.  Meanwhile its supposed product…thinking minds…are in ever-dwindling supply. But no one … Continue reading

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I guess…it sticks to your ribs?

Meat Glue.  The idea definitely sticking in my head. Hmm.  Don’t know why all the recent posts have been jokey and punnish.  But I suspect it’s because I’m whistling past the graveyard.  The GOP is about to nominate a holier-than-thou statist after the Tea … Continue reading

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Counsel me.

Sometimes I wish my last name was Bacaw.  That way, if I ever had a son, I would name him Buck B. Bacaw.  The “B”, of course, standing for Buck. This is a universal daydream, right?

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