I’ve got a joke for you, Governor Perdue.

NC Governor Perdue wanted to suspend democracy.   But then Perdue’s chicken.  She and her posse claim that, obviously, she was just kidding.


You know what?  It doesn’t matter.  An American politician joking about abolishing elections is unfit for government service.  Anyone defending that behavior, likewise. 

Let’s put this in terms even a Democrat can understand: 

You’re dining out.  As the waitress serves your dinner, she casually mentions that everyone in the kitchen spat in it.


You react in outrage, and she responds with the pout, “obviously I was kidding!”?  Is that acceptable?  Who lets this be done to them?  No one.  But who wants to do it?  Only leftists, statists, and progressives.  Democrats.  They spit in America’s food every chance they get, and expect to get away with “just kidding” even while loogies dangle from their lips. 

Gov. Perdue, is it funny when your doctor pretends you’ve contracted a horrible disease?  Is it appropriate?  Or take me, a radiation safety tech.  When is it okay for me to convince someone he’s gotten a lethal dose of gamma rays?  Never.  And I’d be run out of the rad  business in disgrace if I ever tried.

So, Beverly, if you were being honest about suspending elections…you’re not fit to be Governor.  And if  you were kidding…you’re still not fit to be Governor.  No more than a waitress who makes “spit” jokes.      

Seriously, Governor…you should be executed for treason.  Your sons Garrett and Emmett also, in case your sickness is genetic.  Obviously the grandchildren must go.  We need to dash their little brains out against a wall.

Bwah ha ha ha!  Snort.  Am I a riot or what?  Notice the poker face?  It’s tough to maintain while doing “modest proposals” like murdering innocent children. 

Sure, it’s highly inappropriate.  But not quite as tone-deaf as an American politician advocating tyranny.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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14 Responses to I’ve got a joke for you, Governor Perdue.

  1. MG says:

    Oh man…

    Now a world-leading manufacturer of these high-tech instruments, Mikron Instrument Company Inc., has confirmed that IRT’s are deliberately set to AVOID registering any feedback from greenhouse gases. Thus climate scientists were measuring everything but the energy emitted by carbon dioxide and water vapor.

    All outta popcorn…

  2. crosspatch says:

    16 dead from organic melons in Colorado. Add to that those killed in Germany from Organic sprouts.

    They should encourage nuclear power and ban organic food. We would be safer. Or they could use Cobalt sources to irradiate the organic food so we don’t get sick. And the death toll from Fukushima is still, exactly zero.

  3. Mountainbear says:

    Well Mr WORM, what do you expect?

    She earned a B.A. degree in history in 1969 from the University of Kentucky, as well as a M.Ed. degree in community college administration in 1974 and a Ph.D., degree in Education Administration in 1976, both from the University of Florida.

    You can actually make masters and doctors in that stuff? Wow. The heck?

    Before entering politics, she worked as a hospital administrator and consultant. (Nothing in her studies makes her even remotely qualified for that. Administrators, IMO, should have a certain level of knowledge about the things they administrate.)

    She served in the North Carolina House of Representatives from 1987 to 1991, and in the North Carolina Senate from 1991 to 2001.

    So she has actual job experience of roughly 10 years. Very likely less than that, because I doubt she was elected into it at her very first try.

    Now imagine, Mr WORM, at your “evil nuke” ™ plant, we’d replace all techs with, let’s say, people with psychology degrees.

    What do you think would happen?

    Yep, one gigantic cluster f*ck.

    Same in this case. Same, actually, on every single day in politics. Any jackass can get Bev’s job. There is absolutely no qualification needed for it.

    So, why exactly are you expecting her to not be a complete moron?

    • wormme says:

      Man, am I giving the impression that I expected non-moronality? Nope. Well, not from her. It’s annoying that no one else is pointing out that even as a joke her statement was so grossly inappropriate she should be tarred and feathered. What was nice is that I could illustrate with an analogy so simple (waitress/spitting) that idiot-Perdue (or even Joe Biden!) would understand.

      But I do like the suggestion to bring psychology into my field. Am going to go try it with some radioactive material right now! “Now, now, let’s not say you’re unstable…you’re just misunderstood.”

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