The left’s murderous racism gets more and more obvious.

Un-freakin’-believable.  I wish.

Armed troops acting on behalf of a British carbon trading company backed by the World Bank burned houses to the ground and killed children to evict Ugandans from their homes in the name of seizing land to protect against “global warming,”

These “environmentalists” are the very same folks who forbid DDT and genetically-modified foods.  This harms white folks almost not at all.  And while millions Africans die from malaria and malnutrition every year, it does allow wealthy Gaia-worshippers to feel good about themselves. 

Didn’t know they were cutting out the middle man now, though.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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6 Responses to The left’s murderous racism gets more and more obvious.

  1. Mountainbear says:

    Let me quote my favorite Jew: “Want to get back into the market ? – The only ‘precious metals’ you should be investing in now: A mechanical combination of Brass and Lead.”

  2. Mazzuchelli says:

    Can that be real?

  3. Mountainbear says:

    They’re also planting eucalyptus in Africa. This is madness. They talk about conservation yet import a very aggressive tree from overseas. This is crazy.

    Seriously? This is the goal. It’s modern colonialism. Why do you think the whole development aid thing has led to exactly NOTHING after all those decades?

    • SeanB says:

      Eucalyptus and black wattle are only allowed here in a forest plantation, and are an invasive species and subject to immediate removal outside of the paper forests.

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