Lotta sanctimony.

Foetal Ivy Leaguers are just sooo…what’s the opposite of cute?

Apparently what triggered this young man’s male’s foot-stamping, breath-holding tantrum was the ConConCon.   Insty is there, so obviously evil is afoot.  Thus, behold the rhetorical genius of the 21st Century egghead!:

A disturbing conference…the reactionary Tea Party movement…Capitalism is a horror and a failure…proto-fascists…anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, and racist-encoded “states rights” agenda…exploitation, plunder, and war: from the theft of land from Mexico to the annexation of Puerto Rico…

This is the seething consciousness of the American “elite”.  And this particular seether is almost unbelievably spoiled and stupid.  How stupid?  As stupid as stupid can get:

This is a vision and plan not only for a better society, but also for one in motion towards a world without oppression and exploitation, toward a future where people could finally live as human beings.

Utopianism?  Seriously?  Hmm.  Decisions, decisions…what to believe…every single lesson of history and human nature or a self-worshipping college brat? 

A world without oppression and exploitation, under the direction of Ray and his fellow travelers!  True, rage and hatred poison Ray’s every breath, but he’ll be the picture of compassion once he’s in charge and Utopia is underway.

Just like Lenin and Stalin and Mao and Castro…

“Two constitutions, two futures”, Ray?  If that was a serious proposal, I’ll help!  I don’t want to deal with you any more than you should want to be associated with evil Tea Partyers.  Let’s go our separate ways and you communists can show us property rights’ enthusiasts how Utopia is done!

UPDATE:  Apologies.  Based on the level of discourse, I assumed Ray Lotta was a Harvard student.  Probably freshman or junior, since sophomore is such a cliché.  But Wiki says he’s a scholar

“Scholar”.  That can’t be right.  (REREADING)  Oh, Communist scholar.  Sure, why not?  Anyone still pushing mandatory socialism needs to be separated from the rest of the species.  

(There are some good comments after the whole Lotta whining.  One had a link to this zany, freedom-loving site.)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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2 Responses to Lotta sanctimony.

  1. Mountainbear says:

    The reactionary Tea Party movement… Commies don’t like reactionary forces, because those go against their grab for power, and commies only care about power, history proves this without a doubt.

    Capitalism is a horror and a failure… I take a capitalist society over a socialist society any day. I grew up roughly 60 miles from the Iron Curtain, I’ve seen how “wonderful” a socialist society can be. Also, if capitalism is a horror and a failure, why aren’t people fleeing from capitalist countries? Why are they risking their lives to get out of the “socialist paradises” and into the “capitalist horror”? Can some commie explain this to me? Oh I know, communism has never been really tried, right? That’s the usual excuse for 120+ million dead in the 20th century in the name of socialism. Well, in that case… National socialism has never been really tried either. Hitler was just misguided. How does that taste?

    Proto-fascists… The two big fascist leaders of the 20th century have their roots among the communist movement. Benito was well liked by the Italian communists when he started out and Hitler learned his public speaking essentially in the communist party.

    Anti-immigrant… I know of several German workers who moved to the US. They were taken in with open arms by the Americans. But wait. They were LEGAL immigrants, there lies the problem. They went through great lengths to follow the rules.

    Islamophobic… I’ll simply quote a Jewish friend of mine: “Am I an Islamophobe ? – No – I simply have ‘a bit’ of a problem with a group of people who want to kill me just because I’m Jewish.”

    Racist-encoded “states rights” agenda… A) states rights are part of the idea of the Union. B) what races are we talking about?

    Exploitation, plunder, and war: from the theft of land from Mexico to the annexation of Puerto Rico… Because the communist countries on this world never did anything like that, right? And the Mexican land was lost fair and square. By the way, the “argument” of stolen land was used by Hitler with the Rhineland (which he then occupied violating the Treaty of Versailles), with the Alsace in France, with the Sudeten lands in Czechoslovakia, etc.

    “This is a vision and plan not only for a better society, but also for one in motion towards a world without oppression and exploitation, toward a future where people could finally live as human beings.”
    I really wish these people REAL socialism. Prepare to be purged wannabe commies. I’ll ready a cattle wagon for their trip to the gulag, cause this is where all those “stirrup holders” (“Steigbügelhalter” is a German term used for people willing to help a dictator into power) end up eventually when they have outlived their usefulness for the dictator.

    • wormme says:

      Yeah, even the quality of would-be tyrants is declining. Pitiful, really.

      And I remember the fleeing Cubans who drove a car from there to Florida. That fulfilled any requirements demands I have over them joining our capitalist society. Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.

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