Heartless, or b-less?

Figured out why I’m so discouraged by the GOP field right now.  Because it’s  discouraging.  Now they’re badmouthing the very motives of others.  That’s a tactic for leftist tyrants, you sanctimonious idiots.  If you’re going to do that…why aren’t you challenging their motives?!

Do you guys notice this?  McCain was vicious to Republicans, then a lapdog for Obama.  They never question Democrats’ motives, which are in direst need of minute examination! 

I admired Dubya, most of his two terms.  He was showered with hatred and lies for years, and never badmouthed the haters.  Nope.  He saved that for people who wanted a crackdown on illegal immigration.  Just like Perry.  Something along the lines of “they don’t want what’s best for America”.

(I reiterate my promise:  if I ever meet Prez#43, he gets a choice.  He’ll either apologize for implying I’m a traitor,  or he’ll learn how much of an ass-kickin’ I can deliver before the Secret Service clobbers me.)

Of course, pointing out the malignancy of progressives won’t be very effective if you’re mean-spirited yourself.  As, apparently, all the major GOP candidates are.  Reagan was far more ruthless to leftist positions than these weak-sister wannabees.  And it worked because he didn’t seem petty or mean-spirited while doing it.    

How I wish the Great Communicator had drawn attention to the other side’s motives.  Point at leftist “compassion” with other peoples’ money and their miserliness with their own, how they “hate” racism with Robert Byrd their poster child, etc. etc. 

So, Rick Perry…millions of tax-paying, law-abiding Americans “have no heart”?  This isn’t really a W.O.R.M.’s debate style, but I’m nothing if not rhetorically adaptable.  I’ll have to sink to your level, you certainly can’t rise to mine.  So here’s a counter to the “heartless” theory:

Rick Perry has no balls. 

The Governor of Texas is a snivelling, ball-less little bully and coward.  In a word, pathetic.

And of course, unlike you R.P., I don’t advance such theories without proof.

And this isn’t about physical cowardice, Perry.  You did the fightin’ country boy, military pilot things, yada yada yada.  But you’re socially and morally craven.  A contemptable man and American.  You insult good and true citizens while letting black-hearted tyrants off the hook. 

Why?  Because you have no balls.  You’re a bully and a coward.  It’s why you started out as a Democrat and why you still are, in your…heart.   It’s the same cowardice McCain has, a war hero who calls Tea Partyers “hobbits” while palling around with moral monsters like Ted Kennedy.  Being bullies, you attack civilized people because they’re civilized.  Being cowards, you suck up to barbarians so you won’t get hit. 

If you were a computer, Rick Perry, your operating system would be Eunichs.  Because of the lack-of-balls thing.

Got a better explanation?  For why you call your own side heartless, yet not the other?  If millions of Republicans are heartless but no Democrats are…aren’t you on the wrong side? 

Yep, my theory fits the facts.  Rick Perry has no balls. 

Does that seem a bit insulting?  Oh, a lot insulting?  Should I be more careful with my words, maybe?  

And yet…calling someone “heartless” is much worse than calling him a castrato.   Isn’t it?  The later just denies a man’s beans and frank. “Heartless” denies one’s very personhood. 

Uncharitable.  Very uncharitable.  Good thing Governor Perry makes no claim to being a Christian…right?

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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9 Responses to Heartless, or b-less?

    • wormme says:

      Heh heh. Yeah, I wanted to work that one in there. And considering bipartisan spending, we’ve already got the “dogs and cats, living together!” angle covered.

  1. Mountainbear says:

    My Texan bro said that with the GOP candidates they’re really screwed. Cain is naive on some things. Romney is a nut. Bachman is in over her head. And Perry is just talk.

    My personal belief by now is that the media will select a GOP candidate (like last time) and then you can chose between totally batshit crazy guy A and totally batshit crazy guy B. A bit like over hre, where everything I can vote for is socialist tainted (in varying degrees), rendering voting irrelevant.

    • wormme says:

      Yeah. If I could be totally sure that she’d win despite the incessant sliming, I’d go with Palin now. Her policy positions seem closest to what I’d like.

      What little hope I have is more on the Tea Partys vanquishing the Republican Party than the GOP beating the Democrats.

      • Mountainbear says:

        Palin died for me as a serious political presence the moment she started whining on twitter against burning one koran. She’s a bloody appeaser.

        WTB more Geert Wilders.

        • wormme says:

          I missed that. The big objection, among my neighbors, is her quitting the Governor’s job halfway through. I understand that she was hit with a blizzard of nuisance lawsuits and ridiculous attacks on her family. But that just guarantees more of the same if she took the big job.

          The Islam thing appears to be the major uncertainty about Herman Cain. But it’s starting to look like he’s the best among the current contenders anyway. Would love for him to start making inroads on the others.

  2. DefendUSA says:

    Brad Jackson over at RedState makes a great case for Perry’s position using numbers. The problem is that I am never going to agree that I must have a heart and give breaks to those kids whose parents broke the law to get them here. Until they are legal US citizens they should be required to pay out of state rates to be educated because them’s the rules. Otherwise, make it so that all tuition rates per degree are the same and non- residents still get what they deserve…out of state rates. Then you’ll see the truth rearing it’s ugly head and competition will take the bull by the horns, period.

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