Never vote for a black President!

Who are the stupidest racists of all time?  You’d expect tough competition, right?  But Michael Moore and Bill Maher sweep the field.

Why?  Because if you have to base your support on skin color…which you don’t, but if you do…never vote for the  freakin’ black guy!


I doubt other bloggers will notice this.  They all have social lives and don’t want to see them murdered.  But my brain doesn’t give a bullpoop about social niceties.  Argue a difference between “black” and  “white” presidents, and the theory is instantly tested.  By now it’s more a reflex than a conscious decision.

So half a second after hearing this, my brain informed me that Moore and Maher are both racist and as stupid as people can get.

M & M are racists.  They’ll be cracking “plantation” jokes during Allen West’s 2020 presidential run, even though Col. West is darker than Obama. Wouldn’t that make him a better President?

But look at the real world.  Most black presidents and leaders are in Africa.  Most white ones are Europe and North America.  Where are the better governments?  Take life expectancy, for example…notice any outliers? 

If you were being relocated to another country, and your only choice was the skin color of the chief executive…you should kick your kidnapper’s ass.  But, failing that…well?  Do you choose a random country headed by a white guy, or one run by a black guy?

So, by all means, fellers, go from A to Z.  America to Zimbabwe.  Big Mike, Lil’ Bill, go serve under President Mugabe.  He’s blacker than Obama, thus better.  He out-gangstas Capone, in fact.  And you white progressive boys always practice what you preach…right?


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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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  1. wormme says:

    Those are awesome! #382 is my favorite so far.

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