Source of apathy discovered!

Despite today’s posts, not much provokes the ol’ blogging reflex lately.  (Apart from dissing ‘Bama football, obviously.)  Have been keeping up with the news without caring to comment on it. 

So I went meta: why?  Is the reason I’m not writing…something worth writing about? 

Apparently I feel that nothing going on really matters.  Our Administration is a gang of thugs.  Gunwalker, Solyndra, union kidnappings and racism, yada yada yada.  And on the other side, Perry, Romney, and Bachmann have really blemished themselves.  Perry’s Gardasil authoritarianism and Bachmann’s fearmongering, along with Romney demonizing Perry, these things are “progressive” tools.  Is this really the best the GOP has to offer?

So my hope may not be dead, but it’s pining for the fjords.

It’s vital that Obama lose in 2012.  But suddenly I don’t care which “Not-Obama” gets the nomination.  They’re all deeply flawed and looking worse by the minute.  Plus the Beltway GOP are still statists and Ruling Class suckups.

There’s no chance of the Democrat Party seeing sanity.  So the only hope for this country is to slaughter the RINOs.  Into extinction, ideally, but just endangering the breed should send the survivors into hiding.

And who are the only folks hunting RINOs?  The Tea Partyers.  Remember, lots of pundits and Democrats were outraged when O’Donnell and Angle ousted Republican incumbents during the primaries.  Along with establishment Republicans, of course. 

More such outrage, please.

Primary everybody. Kill and gut every Ruling Class RINO in reach.  Better a smaller majority in both the Senate and the House, or even only a House majority, than to let any RINO be comfortable.  Remind them you don’t have to have a Senate majority.  Better 41 Tea Partyers than a majority of squishes.  Hell, better 41 lovers of liberty than adding a single RINO.

Democrats are irrelevant.  Their upcoming 13-month political war with Republicans will sound and fury, signifying nothing.  What matters is the battle between freedom-loving Tea Partyers and the privilege-loving Ruling Class RINOs.  If the good guys win then no worries aboutAmerica’s next few decades.  If they lose…no hope.

(I do intend to cut back on the poli-blogging.  Reserving the right to vent steam at any time, of course.  So if there’s something else you’d like to see more of, now’s a good time to say so.)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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8 Responses to Source of apathy discovered!

  1. midwest bill says:

    well I like your political commentary fine … so those insights or rants are what I enjoy seeing more of …

    The Tea Party represents the “US”, in us versus them. Them being the connected ones. We may need a Romney or Perry or whoever that is not so pure, as part of the transitional government that takes us back from the abyss. 70% want less government, but only 21% identify with the TPers, thanks to relentless big media attacks. Cataclysm may occur soon, but if the ship holds together past 2013, we are much better off with Romney winning than Palin losing.

  2. Mountainbear says:

    I’ve effectively stopped the poli-blogging. It doesn’t do me any good, just gets me worked up and frustrated. It’s unhealthy. It’s probably more unhealthy than smoking 10 cigars per day.

    Sorry, I got it with cigars today. I got my boxes of Leon Jimenes and Trinidad today.

    My last blog entry reads like this:
    “My idea of not doing anything political anymore is actually working. And let me explain how I see the topic of politics today:

    I think both Left and Right wing are utter LUNATICS. They’re all just powerhungry twats and their followers are all zombies.

    Zombies… I think I must play more Dead Island. I think Dead Island is a great analogy for our current world.

    The Walkers are the voters (they are slow, dumb and easy to take care of.) The Infected are the “grassroots” movements (they are fast, furious and can’t take heat), and the boss zombies are, well, the politicians. Thugs (stealing, lying, etc), Suiciders (their politics are suicidal for us working people), Rams (ramming their stupid policies down our throats) and Floaters (shit always floats on top.) Those are the ingame names of zombies, btw.

    Quite fitting actually.

    And the handful of survivers stand for the few sane people the world still has. We just want to be left in peace.

    I must play some more Dead Island.”

    After running into my first Butcher yesterday, I have to add “Butchers (butchering our values to their gods they call Marx, Engels, Mao and Greater Good)”

    • Xpat says:

      Mercy, MB. I quit smoking and I really miss it. Must you talk about tobacco?

      • Mountainbear says:

        Nothing wrong with a little tobacco. Just stay away from those stinking cigarettes. Low quality tobacco, fast food, nothing else. But a cigar or a pipe every now and then, nothing wrong with that. It’s the dose that matters!

        • Xpat says:

          I lapse in (rare) party situations, where I sneak around like Gollum and hit people up for cigarettes. My pressshhhhhhaaaaaaassssssss . . .

          The problem with pipes and cigars: can’t inhale.

          • Mountainbear says:

            That’s what I love about them. I can’t inhale. I hate the feeling. But if you do them right, you will get your “kick” from them just as easily. Just plan around 45 minutes for one 😛

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