“Greatest Generation” my hind end!

World War Two Americans.  “The Greatest Generation”.  Ha!  Oh, sure, by our standards they were superhumanly patriotic and hard-working and self-sacrificing yadda yadda yadda.

But the Baby Boomers are their children.  And Baby Boomers are the Worst Generation.  It’s one thing not to leave your children a fortune because you want them able to support themselves.  But,

“My goal is when they carry me away in that box that my bank account is going to say zero,” Willison said. “I’m going to spoil myself now.”

WWII2 vets kicked Hitler’s and Tojo’s and Mussolini’s asses but couldn’t spank their  spoiled brats properly.  Which probably doomed our country.  So no, I’m not on the “Greatest Generation” bandwagon.  The greatest generation of Americans was the original, Tea Party generation.

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4 Responses to “Greatest Generation” my hind end!

  1. Mountainbear says:

    Baby boomers? Heck no.

    The worst generation is currently growing up.

    • wormme says:

      Man, I don’t know. I have to cut them some slack for having Baby Boomer parents. The BB’s have proven impervious to logic and conscience their whole lives. Their kids aren’t that bad yet.

  2. thepi says:

    I’m completely fine with the attitude of “I’m not leaving them anything”, I think that’s just fine, it’s their money and they can do whatever they want with it.

    It’s the massive government/welfare system and massive national debt they burden us with that I have problems with.

    Spending themselves into bankruptcy-on-death personally is only stupid and maybe a little selfish. Racking up our collective credit card to astronomical heights, and leaving us with a path to spend even more (a large portion on themselves, no less) is where their pure and unadulterated selfishness is on display. They’ll keep spending us further and further into hawk to appease their conscience and never admit that their whole lives they were aiding and abetting poverty and misery instead of fighting it.

    As for the “Greatest Generation”….They gave us LBJ with his great society, and at least 2 terms of FDR. Which is how they really got the moniker from Tom Brokaw, before his book they were the “G. I. Generation”. Sure, they did good in WWII, but taking a stand against Hitler and the Japanese after Pearl Harbor isn’t exactly a tough call. Americans have never responded “well” to having our noses bloodied.

    • wormme says:

      Your comment makes me want to clarity my argument. I have no problem with folks using their resources however they like. It’s the sheer ingratitude and self-absorption that bugs me about BB’s. Obviously I wouldn’t use the force of law on them.

      Perhaps the most impressive thing about the post-WWII adults is their dissolving the massive Fed and debt after coming back. A little detail Barack & Co. always seem to miss.

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