What are thousands of human lives compared to Mikey Bloomberg’s self-worship?

Nothing, of course.

New York has the toughest gun laws in the country, but Bloomberg said the city alone cannot stop the onslaught of shootings. “We need the federal government to step up,”

And do what?! 

The mayor called on all federal politicians, regardless of party, to get on the same page .

By same page he means disarm the law-abiding.  Widdlemikey’s one of America’s worst mayors at protecting innocent citizens.  And the worse he gets, the more it proves to him that everyone else is doing it wrong.

There’s a saying I’ve always liked, goes something like, “Don’t keep up with the Joneses.  Drag them down to your level.  It’s cheaper and easier.”

You really want to disarm law-abiding America, don’t you, you “I can afford private security” little bitch?  Well, you pathetic snivelling spoiled thumb-sitting thumb-sucking Y chromosome abomination, let’s say you get your way.  At your insistence the Feds betray the Constitution, just like you have.  Flat out spit on it.

Guns, all guns, are now illegal for private citizens.

Feel better now, you snot-nosed pissant?  Hooray, you’ve made them all illegal!  Now they’re all gone, just like pot and coke and crack and heroin and LSD and prostitution and gambling and…

You are a malevolent kobold, Mike Bloomberg.  Wicked, possibly even evil.  Probably the best thing that could happen to you would be getting beaten half to death with a copy of the Constitution.

People are dying for your ego.  If anyone other than the murderers bears responsibility for these deaths…it’s you.  I’d hate you, against my God’s orders, if you weren’t as pathetic a so-called human being as could exist.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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5 Responses to What are thousands of human lives compared to Mikey Bloomberg’s self-worship?

  1. Mountainbear says:

    These people are stupid.

    If you ban all guns, and I want to kill someone, how is that going to stop me? I can get a knife and start stabbing even in broad daylight (Akihabara massacre.) I can build a simple bomb. Or… I could just go ahead and buy a gun on the black market (Eastern Europe AK47s and clones go for roughly 300 Euros at the Amsterdam black market, and those are the real deal, automatic assault rifles.)

    Or… I do what a guy a few years here in Austria has done. He bought an axe at a hardware store and killed most of his family with it.

    Or that other guy, who built himself a flamethrower and used it to kill his parents.

    Here in Austria, legal firearms make about 4% of the “tools” used for violent crime. Illegal guns are 5%, roughly. And the number one are knives and random blunt objects (both together more than 50% in the last statistic I saw.)

    So, how is banning all guns making anything safer when a nutjob can just stab me?

    • SeanB says:

      Simple, because it makes him look “tough on crime” without actually doing anything about it. Go after the law abiding that will obey rather than the harder task of fighting crime.

      • Mountainbear says:

        Exactly. Those fools always “forget” to mention if a gun is legal or not. It’s all “gun crime!” and “think of the children!”

        • SeanB says:

          Easier to stop legal ownership, rather than the illegal trade, where it costs $20 to rent a gun for illegal purposes. In the ” old times” an AK could be gotten for a bag of maize…… There are still arms caches all around, known to the select few. Anything from a 9mm Soviet era handgun up to shoulder mounted SAM’s. Not all were given up.

    • wormme says:

      Well, it makes frail women less able to protect themselves against the depredations of men like you and me. So…hooray?

      (By “men” I mean physical capabilities, not conscience. Obviously.)

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