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Obey the dictates of one’s conscience? Fat chance.

 “Do as I say, not as I do” liberalism.  The only odd thing here is the progressive’s awareness that he betrays his own standard.  But, being a prog, apparently he just doesn’t care. Too many Americans may be heavy, but … Continue reading

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The problem, NYPD, isn’t that women are showing some leg…

…it’s the ban on leg holsters. “He pointed at my outfit and said, ‘Don’t you think your shorts are a little short?’” No, officer, it’s her 2nd Amendment rights that have been cut back way too far.

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Creative Commons contracts.

Via Insty, saw this response to the OnStar scandal.  It seems quite wise.  Do you read and understand every bit of each “Terms and Conditions” agreement before clicking “yes” and moving on?  For all I know I’ve granted dozens of tech companies the right to … Continue reading

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Oh no you don’t, Georgia cracker.

I already called Crimson Tide “dibs” on this young man, so put away that “Red and Black” weaksauce. Oh, and you heard about Obama saying that America’s gone a bit soft?  It’s true, of course, Barack’s own election being proof positive.  The article … Continue reading

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I attended DragonCon twice.  Including, I believe, its very first year.  Did I know that I was subsidizing child molestation?  Er…no.  But you know the saying…beware geeks bearing gifts.  And hey!  Looky who is pals with the ped:  Harlan Ellison.  … Continue reading

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So…if the hands are the Tea Partys, and Democrats are the cat…

…that would mean government spending is the cigarette. It explains their mood, pretty much.

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I dub thee “Sir-“

Whereas:  the winner of the Florida debates was once CEO of a cheese-intensive company, and will now hopefully walk through any obstacle presenting itself… …let him be known henceforth as… Herman Muenster

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