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Always a good question.

What’s more convincing, voting by talking or voting by walking? If liberal approaches work so well, why are so many people choosing to pack their bags and desert some of the most big-government states in the union? However, Mr. Medved is optimistic … Continue reading

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The FDNY isn’t welcome at Megalo Mikie’s memorial?!

Had already heard that Bannin’ Mike Bloombert was vetoing any clergy presence at the  9/11 10th anniversity activities.  But no First Responders? Before I tear him a new one…wait, this will be more like a new new new new new new one…something … Continue reading

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Wow, feedback overload.

Haven’t even read the latest comments, just skimmed them.  There are at least three there that have enough condensed material for books.  Three books.  So, at ~2 in the morning, I acknowledge their presence, their worth, and their Sissyphean (?) challenge.  … Continue reading

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Make sports, not war, part two.

We don’t need Islamists, Soviets, Nazis, King George III, or anyone else to war with.  A freeman, freemarket society doesn’t need boogeymen. What we need is economic and political competition.  And we should want our competitors to be strong.  How good would … Continue reading

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Make sports, not war.

Here’s Marco Rubio’s recent speech at the Reagan Library.  I’m a word-geek, an idea-geek, so I’ve read a lot of speeches.  Not like a professional politico, and not for the same reasons.  For someone semi-autistic, speeches are very interesting because you can … Continue reading

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My WordPress problems don’t alter the fact that Alter’s a wussy.

Dadgum!  Everytime I try to hyperlink something here WordPress fails to do it and goes to the generic “posts” page.  Never seen this screwup before, but rebooting didn’t help. So, rather than linking to my text, let’s see if this is clickable for … Continue reading

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Man, that is one big hurricane.

Hurricane…Isabelle, I think…came near New York and Long Island in 2003 before veering back west.  And the worst case for a NYC strike is a lot messier and potentially deadlier than I’d have guessed. Structurally, it should hold up fine.  … Continue reading

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Fukushima whistleblowing, and more terrible radiological work practice (sigh).

EngineerBob linked to an article on an expose’ by a TEPCO robot operator, along with some robot footage. I noticed a link from there to an article on “nightmarish radiation levels”.  You really can’t combine that with this… …many workers … Continue reading

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Can you lift yourself by the moral bootstraps?

No. But, when people are 1) good-hearted, 2) philosophical, and 3) atheistic, they have no choice but to try.  And the rationales tend to become a bit…complicated.  To use as neutral a descriptor as I can.  Via Instapundit, the “Memorandum from the … Continue reading

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There are numerous ones, Ms. Coulter.

Ann’s usually not this sloppy. Evolution is the only subject that is discussed exclusively as a “Do you believe?” question with yes-or-no answers. “Do you believe in global warming?” “Do you believe in a woman’s right to choose?” And those … Continue reading

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