“Penises are sticking up for fire everywhere.”

Now that would be news!  (With apologies to James Taranto for stealing his schtick.)

Once again the establishment is telling us that men are morally superior to women.  Note that if both college students have been drinking, it’s the man who sexually assaults the woman.  Isn’t she equally guilty of assault if he’s drunk?  She is if they’re equals.

Since men are held to higher standards, universities are telling us that men are, or at least are expected to be, superior to women.  Take away the right to have legal representation and toss in that ridiculous “preponderance of evidence” standard, and men-haters are gonna have a field day. 

This is just nuts.  Gals, you gotta get grace back in your gender, stat.  Your bratty sisters are giving you a bad name.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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15 Responses to “Penises are sticking up for fire everywhere.”

  1. midwest bill says:

    I think your interpretation is wrong.

    Men get drunk and are held accountable for any hurt feeling by an aggressive drunk woman. If she gets pregnant, it is his fault … she chooses whether to have the kid or abort it, while the man can’t choose to save the life of that child, but will be forced to pay child support with limited visitation if she chooses not to kill the fetus.

    How does this put man in the superior position? They are not equals … women rule, men drool.

    • D.J. says:

      Men are held to higher standards because they have the capacity to meet higher standards. Women can’t meet those standards, so there’s no sense in making them responsible. They just can’t help themselves, after all. Only men have moral agency.

      • midwest bill says:

        moral agency is maybe a lawyer term? Typing with my new gloves that I just have to try out, with exposed fingers, is hard, I know that much. So I’ll Google it later.

        But regardless of the reasoning of making the male the one in the “power position” .. the end result is still to make the woman superior in court of law.

        We are saying the same thing, with different points, I think. An unfair advantage has made the “equal” woman superior. My point is that this is a planned attack on males, especially white males, and “they” are winning. “We” have submitted. Their faulty logic has won the day. There is small comfort in claiming the argument they have beaten us senseless with, actually claims we are superior.

    • wormme says:

      Probably the easiest way to think about my argument is to think about the differences between children and adults. Who is held to a higher standard? The adult. The stronger, more mature person. You don’t hold peers to a lesser standard than yourself, and you can’t hold other people to a higher standard than you accept and claim you are their peer.

      Men are held to higher standards than women in our current legal environment. Ergo, men are “superior”. More mature, more developed, however you want to say. Compared to men, women are no more “moral agents” than children. Poor dears, poor pathetic little dears, we can’t hold them accountable the way we do men.

      Okay, then they’re less than men.

      • midwest bill says:

        I still think it is mostly a ploy by the left to weaken the more conservative manly man.

        The caring and docile woman must be protected from the Neanderthal man, who is a testosterone driven, violent, dangerous, beta male. The glass ceiling has kept women out of positions of power, where centuries of unfairness has allowed men to dominate. Males must be punished, especially successful white conservative males. Men are pigs, or dogs, and must be judged more harshly for their tendency toward animal behavior.

        There is some truth in there, but laws or rules that are made unfair, to try to correct a perceived social injustice, take us further from our constitution. But “social justice” is really just another Orwellian weapon of the left. Biden and the universities want to “empower” another victim class.

        • wormme says:

          Oh, you’re absolutely right about that. And they vehemently deny that men are superior to women. To millions of them, quite the opposite.

          Which means they believe male Americans are worse people than females AND should be held to higher standards. Sure.

          (Pssst, home viewers: we’ve secretly removed the words “male” and “female” from the previous paragraph then substituted “black” and white. Let’s see if the universities notice!)

  2. D.J. says:

    “Penises are sticking up for fire everywhere!”

    That is because fire is…..hot!

  3. Mountainbear says:

    The obvious answer is… lemoncurry.

    Either that or you must make me emperor of mankind.

    All this politically correct nonsense has only one effect on me: I want to set stuff on fire. Seriously. All it does is drive more wedges between us.

    Wait what am I talking about. I should probably to go bed.

  4. DefendUSA says:

    What I see as the problem is that the man-haters, aka Femi-nazis (sorry, Mountainbear!) asked for independence, job equality, money and sexual freedom. When they got what they asked for and didn’t like it, it was the man’s fault for not “being” a man.

    Men are held to higher standards because those of us in our right minds do want to be taken care of and be treated like a lady…Proverbial balls used only when necessary!
    Men are simple creatures…women are just plain scary, especially the men haters.

    • wormme says:

      We are simple, thank you!

      Well, I don’t know about “metrosexual” males who use more hair care products than most women. And this particular ignorance is bliss.

  5. Sigh. I emailed Glenn exactly that joke….

  6. Interesting, really. The cards are stacked against males, favoring females. This can be seen two ways: we have to take extra steps to protect women b/c men are such lowly beasts, or, men are expected to take extra steps because they are better able to bear the responsibility.

    Both views are silly of course. Probably the point. But it’s a point that believers of view #1 will refuse to see.

    I already don’t feel excited about scooting my boys off to university in a few years, what with the pointlessness and the expense and the brainwashing. Rather have ’em in an Auto Diesel College or the Marine Corps.

    Now, what? If this new policy takes hold, males will not be safe against false accusations on college campuses. Period. College for my boys has moved past pointless and straight into frightening.

    Isn’t it amazing the myriad ways in which the left can muck things up?

    • wormme says:

      The “amazing” aspect started to fade as I realized there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, that they aren’t mucking up.

      My jaw won’t drop until they finally do something right, and for the right reason. Then it’ll probably fall right off.

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