The theocrats of Leviathan.

Bill Keller believes in tougher questions about peoples’ religions.

I agree completely.

Better late than never, Bill.  Because religious tyrants aren’t merely a threat.  They’ve been taking over America for generations now.  Lately they’ve become so blatant that millions of deists and agnostics and atheists have teamed up to combat this existential threat.

Think about that, Mr. Keller.  These theocrats are so monstrous that antithetical philosophers set differences aside to oppose them!  I’d have called it impossible if it wasn’t actually happening. 

For starters, calling them “fanatics” doesn’t really do them justice.  By necessity these freedom-phages are insane, malevolent, or both.  So they are more properly labelled cultists

Their god’s name is Leviathan.  It will have no others before It, yet Its greatest miracle is convincing the world…and its own worshippers…that It doesn’t exist. 

(Okay, can’t deny it:  that’s a nifty trick.) 

In taqyyia, Muslims are permitted to lie about their religion.  Of course, they’re perfectly aware of what they’re doing.  By contrast, Leviathan’s legions deny their own belief and believe their own lies

Such cultists will, on occasion, pretend to believe in other gods.  But if they only make those claims when advancing Leviathan’s agenda, you will know they are Its creatures.

Still with us, Mr. Keller?  Why, imagine…you could be a mindless minion of Leviathan, but would deny it as angrily as would I! 


Of course, I can prove I’m no Leviathan-worshipper.  I know It, what It cannot stand or permit.  Leviathan can never, under any circumstance, relinquish power or control.  These things can only be taken from It, It cannot even contemplate giving them away.

Nor can Its adherents.

Leviathan has a church, the mighty edifice known as the State.  It could also be called the Imperative.  By mandate and fiat and regulation you will know you are in Its dwelling.  And, sir, I chafe under Its roof and rule.  I am not of Leviathan’s fold. 

Are you…Mr. Keller?  Are you of Its flock, though unaware? 

Let us see.

Can you entertain the thought of smashing half Its church into flinders?  That is, doing away with half of the federal government?  For I wish to do away with all aspects of the federal government that are not required by the Constitution. 

Will you seriously consider this proposal…or do you recoil in horror, hurling imprecations as you do?

Laws are the flesh of Leviathan, taxes are Its blood.  If I propose to vastly reduce both, how do you see me?  Do you react as a Christian would to seeing a churchgoer scooping money out of a collection plate?  In a word, outraged?

Liberty is strangled by Leviathan’s tentacles.  I believe it is none of the State’s business what I eat and what light bulbs I use and whether I wear a seat belt and what I can and cannot approve of and what is permissible for me to believe.  Can you concede this as a valid viewpoint, even if not your own?

Leviathan has enslaved America’s children, buried them under mountains of debt.  Now Americans are rising to confront Leviathan and free those children…and your response is to question their beliefs. 

Yes, Mr. Keller.  Theocrats are destroying this nation. They toil mindlessly and endlessly for their ravenous god, ignorant of Its very existence.  Prepare your questions, man…

…then look in the mirror.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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2 Responses to The theocrats of Leviathan.

  1. Mountainbear says:

    Faith? He means “Christianity”.

    The only mention of “Muslim” in the article is in one of the questions. “Islam” never pops up. Not a single word about islamo-fascism. No, it all boils down to Christians and Jews. As usual.

    • wormme says:

      A few bombs and decapitations would test his “courage”, wouldn’t it?

      I can’t read that far between the lines of the New Testament, though.

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