Don’t you parents know what’s really important?

Indiana just passed the nation’s broadest school voucher program.  At-work computer again not letting me hyperlink text, so:

In at least one district, public school principals have pleaded with parents not to move their children.

Er…principals, you do understand why parents are doing this?  How the voucher program came to be in the first place?  The problem is “educators” who don’t educate.  Public schools doing their jobs will scarcely be affected.  The lousy ones should, God willing, become all but deserted. 

But obviously some educators believe that the purpose of children is to provide them employment.  They don’t even notice that they’re begging parents not do what’s best for their children!  They just mutter buzzwords and catchphrases that have long since lost meaning. 

So now we know:  Them that can, do.  Them that can’t, teach.  And them that can’t teach…cant.

(Apologies for a pun almost as obscure as it is bad.  Blame my teachers!)

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3 Responses to Don’t you parents know what’s really important?

  1. Glad to see a district win the battle for vouchers. The educators have ruined education.

  2. Mountainbear says:

    Education has gone down the sewer for a few decades now. And not only in the US. And it’s not just the educators. It’s also the left wing and their hatred for anything that has even just a remote connection to “hard work” and “achievement.”

    Over here, many years ago, the green party (aka the eco-commies) were screaming “We need more academics!” Well, what did we get? More people in medicine? Physics? Engineering? Nope. Medicine hasn’t really changed in the past years, and they always had their knock-out exams to make room for courses that only allow a certain amount of people (anatomy and dissection are the famous examples, they only have so many corpses to cut open.)

    No, what we got was psychology, philosophy and stuff like journalism. Yes, those are hopelessly overrun. Hooray, for those “academics”.

    Okay, Japanology is also overrun, but only in the first semester. Through all 6 semesters from start to BA we have a roughly 90% drop out quote. It’s currently so popular because of the manga and anime hype, but people are simply weeded out with the Japanese language itself. The language simply destroys all the manga and anime kids. What if left over after our lecturing ladies are done with the students is weeded out by scientific work. What graduates are the die hard people.


    Meanwhile the green party went ahead and brought forth the idea that school kids, who fail up to three courses in a year, should still be able to advance to the next grade.

    Marxists don’t like smart people. They like stupid people, because stupid people are easier manipulated.

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