The FDNY isn’t welcome at Megalo Mikie’s memorial?!

Had already heard that Bannin’ Mike Bloombert was vetoing any clergy presence at the  9/11 10th anniversity activities.  But no First Responders?

Before I tear him a new one…wait, this will be more like a new new new new new new one…something just occured to me.  Mikie likes using law to force people to be healthier.  Well, study after study has shown that regular church-goers are healthier, happier, and more law-abiding than those who don’t attend.

So, Bloomie, if you care so much about people, you should make ’em go to church.  Naturally you can’t specify which, that’d be establishment of a state religion.  The atheists can meet at a natural museum or something.  As long as everyone goes.  Otherwise levy penalties for their increasing everyone else’s health care costs.

Obviously as both Christian and American I utterly oppose such government tyranny.  But that opposition hasn’t stopped “Mind Me” Mikie from issuing edicts in the past.  And unlike ubiquituous camera surveillance, mandatory church-going probably would do some secular (though no spiritual) good. 

Of course, doing nothing is also a better idea that omni-electronic eyes.  Great Britian is blanketed in CCTV monitoring.  How’s that snoopie spyie stuff working out for them?

Anyway.   Sorry about digressing, but hey…it’s Mike Boomberg.  He blows up liberty faster than we can pick up the pieces.

Hundreds of firefighters died on 9/11.  Unlike most everyone else, they rushed toward the Towers, not away.    

Hey, maybe that’s why Bawlin’ Bloomie doesn’t want them around!  Rushing into burning buildings to save lives is exactly like eating trans-fats…risky.  On average, heroes have shorter life-spans than non-heros.  So, honoring them is obviously insane.  What kind of message is that for the Ruling Class’s “at-risk” children?  That heroics and self-sacrifice are okay?  Cool, even?

Not on Mikie’s watch!  No heroes or Godbotherers on his stage!  The eyes of the nation will be on this ceremony, and MB won’t risk losing a single “elite” child to a life of honor and sacrifice!

Stay in your place, proles, and keep your grubby ideas away from Mikie’s community.

You know, ever since the albino toad S.O.B. Byrd died, there has been no one around that I’ve vowed to bitch-slap until he wets himself.  I kinda miss that.  Not him…but that.

But this time I’m remembering that my Lord frowns upon oath-making.  So I’m only promising to bitch-slap Mikie into incontinence, should he ever dare venture within arm’s length of me.

I’ll even give him one chance to repent.  Not for how he’s treating the godly; my religion tells me to expect that.  No, it’s for this disgraceful treatment of the FDNY and other First Responders.  He’ll get one chance to grovel, and when he doesn’t…

But since Audrey Meadows is about ten zillion times tougher than Baby Mike, I’ll stick to the open palm. 

Promise made.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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