Instapundit makes a frackin’ mistake!

And so far he refuses to correct it!

Of course I’m making a big deal out of it.  Do you know how hard it is to catch Prof. Reynolds in a mistake?

That it was a sci-fi mistake is even odder.  It will be corrected very, very soon.  But meantime, how how the frackin’ frack does frackin’ Instapundit forget where the frack frack comes from?  Frack me!

Now I’m in the mood for frackin’ Starbucks.

UPDATE–Took him five minutes to correct, give or take a minute.  Let’s see…if and when the NYT corrects its Walter Duranty lies…Glenn is somwhere between 500,000,000x and infinitely more reliable that the “Paper of Record”.

Also, to anyone who thinks the Battlestar Galactica F-Sub is anything new, you’re farkin’ up the wrong tree.  (WARNING: SUPER OBSCENE IF MANGLED ENGLISH AHEAD)

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8 Responses to Instapundit makes a frackin’ mistake!

  1. Mountainbear says:

    You sexy motherfrakker.

  2. Mountainbear says:

    Though, actually “frak” as a substitute for “fuck” does appear first in Babylon 5. It’s usually spelled “frag” there, but it’s clearly the F bomb.

    A race through dark places:
    Sheridan says “AbsoFRAGGINlutely” to Dr. Franklin.

    Divided Loyalties:
    Sheridan to Delenn “AbsoFRAGGINlutely”

  3. AHLondon says:

    Y’all have frackin’ video. I didn’t even think to look for video. Should have known somebody would have spliced it all together.

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