“Fiscal judo”, Part One – background information.

The Ruling Class is impervious to reason and conscience…and while we futilely employ those weapons, they conquer us with sheer chutzpah.

“I make no apologies for being reasonable,” Obama declared…

If that’s not pure Newspeak, what is? Stop interacting with Newspeakers.  Don’t talk to them, and for God’s sake don’t listen.  Otherwise you’re dumber than Charlie Brown lining up for another kick at the ol’ pigskin.  You feel that good can come by treating these folks as peers?  It can’t.  You’ve let Grief and Horror wedge its foot in your doorway. 

They will destroy you if you mistake them for decent people.  Honesty and honor, to them, are just exploitable weaknesses.  They snookered Reagan, they just snookered the Tea Party-infused House, and they’ll snooker you if your guard drops for a second.

Now, defeating them is absurdly simple.  I detailed that approach months ago.  But it’s just too hard for you social mammals to be that ruthless.  In sufficient numbers, I mean.

But recently an (incandescent) bulb went off over the ol’ noggin and a new idea appeared.  Perhaps we can divide and conquer them using “fiscal judo”.  Because the left has its own weakness.  Even better, it’s totally unaware of it.  The weakness?  Some hints:  

Buffet: stop me before I steal again!

Steven King: stop me too!

Clooney: tax credits are immoral except when they’re essential!

The R.C. in a nutshell:  “sacrifice for thee, not for me.” 

The Ruling Class is a horde of greedy, grasping materialists. As we’ve seen recently, some claim to be Christian…invoking God to justify their secular desires!  (Either they’re make-believe Christians or they’re believers ensnared by the world.)  

The Ruling Class is every bit as materialistic as the Politburo ever was.  It’s why they can’t comprehend the “Tea Party freshmen”.  Putting principles above profit?  Wha…?!  Personal profit is the principle!  Obama and Buffet and King and Clooney see no conflict in lowering their taxes as much as possible and then using those low taxes as an argument to increase ours!

You want to try reasoning with that?!  Include me out. 

The Ruling Class and its dependents are every bit as principled as the most fervent Tea Partyer.  It’s just that the statists’ bedrock principle is “PAY ME!”  Much as they love running our lives, they love personal gain just a bit more. 

We can undo them with that fact.  The movement as a whole, that is.  We can divide and conquer them. 

But…we have to commit bribery.  Grease the palms of treacherous snakes.  Pay tribute to barbarians. 

Are you willing to pay ransom to those who’ve kidnapped you, your children, and your country?  

(Full disclosure:  I find this solution MUCH MORE DISTASTEFUL than brutally forcing the left to look at itself, over and over, until it cracks.  But that’s too much to ask of social animals.) 

Are you willing to “let crime pay” in order to regain limited government?   If so, then the next step is regarding our “masters” and asking that age-old question:

What would it take to make you go away?

 (Next:  MATH!  But easy math.)

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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3 Responses to “Fiscal judo”, Part One – background information.

  1. Mountainbear says:


    I say that 2+2=5

    But only for large values of 2.

  2. DefendUSA says:

    Indeed. SSDD…The democrats will only pay if it is legislated, period. Did you see The Pied Piper telling farmers that “you can’t believe every regulation you read?” WTF is wrong with this guy, besides the fact that he was elected by idiots and continues to be one?

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