The Perrytrain…juggernaut, or off the rails?

In response to this post, Rana writes:

Perry’s too anti-sodomy, the country is not headed in that direction.

That is so close to being a perfect straight line.  (and “a perfect straight line” also screams for wordplay in this context)

Rana makes an important point.  Perry is extremely socially conservative.  Almost amazingly so.  I can only see one reason why the NYT and Co. aren’t screaming from the rooftops about Perry’s support for a constitutional ban on both gay marriage and abortion.  They, like Rana, think these positions are sure-fire losers in a general election.  So they’re mostly keeping them in reserve during the primaries.

I’m not so sure.  I don’t think he’s trying to federally ban homosexual activity, Rana.  Just gay marriage.  And as long as he respects the 10th Amendment if the attempt fails, then he’s being a very good American about it.

I’m now favoring a Perry/Obama matchup, for the very reason DrewM over at ace’s place dreads it.

Hey kids! Who’s up for a first principles election?

Me, me!  Always.  If there are competing axioms it’s completely irrational to jump ahead and debate consequences!


Oh, right.  I forgot. 

“Extreme” as Perry’s social stances are by 21st Century standards, he’s focusing on economics.  And assuming you want economic prosperity, his principles are right and Obama’s are wrong.  And should the left try to hammer Perry on opposing gay marriage…didn’t Obama claim to oppose it when running? 

As far as opposing all abortion, I don’t know what his campaign strategy is for defending his position.  It should be, “I believe human life begins at conception.  So, how can I not oppose abortion?  If you want that to change, just prove to me when human life begins.  Otherwise I won’t take the chance of killing a person.” 

The Obama/Perry economic philosophies appear diametrically opposed.  Unfortunately, Perry may be better at spouting theory than practicing what he preaches.

I’m with Dan on this.  It’s troubling, if true.  It’s next to nothing, compared to governments passing specific laws to award business to their cronies.  

The best thing for Perry to do is what Romney should have done over “RomneyCare”: apologize for those appearances of impropriety and show that you’re wiser now, and truer to the principles you claim to believe.

Don’t hold your breath.  But if he did that…wow.  It would show he’s a person first, a politician second. 

Talk about a first principles debate!

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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4 Responses to The Perrytrain…juggernaut, or off the rails?

  1. waytoomanydaves says:

    Oh, please. If that’s the biggest political dirt clod anybody can cough up on Perry, I am utterly unconcerned. Seriously.

    We’re going to be having a discussion about Obama’s $787 BILLION dollars worth of comparable activity… and you’re worried about a questionable $4.5M? That amount of money wouldn’t cover Obama’s greens fees.

    • wormme says:

      True, but I don’t like the “he’s even worse!” argument. Most folks are more tolerant of questionable behavior on their own side than the other. I’m not.

      Which is why nobody wants me…sniff.

  2. Rana says:

    Well looky here I have a post with my name in it and I almost missed it, how exciting. I feel really special. Guess I’ve been lagging now that Politico is back on and radiation has dwindled, but fear not I am a staunch political debater so I will be here for the long haul (and as a hint you might not like me in the end).

    While an Obama/Perry match-up might be a good one for the watching I have to say (although I still stand by he’s too anti-sodomy for the vote), he’s not exactly anti-Big Government as the right wants to pretend. From what I hear over the 10 years he close to doubled the state spending for Texas taking it from around $50Billion to 10 shy of $100Billion. This is not restrain. Oh and by the by, the debt in Texas has doubled under his watch. No bueno, right? Or at least that’s a complaint I often hear about Obama.

    Perry let a death row inmate who was on the verge of being exonerated (through DNA or the likes) die without a stay then stuck to his guns about it even when it was PROVEN the guy didn’t do the crime.

    Much like California (especially So. Cal where I live) Texas has become quite the toll road mecca and Perry has lead the charge in leasing these roads to foreign companies to run the tolls. Now, I know that is general big company M.O. and seen as OK throughout the GOP to give to foreign companies but don’t we need more jobs, or as the right loves to talk point “job creators” to make ‘Merica stronger? AND along those lines he’s touted his job creating record, even though unemployment rates in Texas might be dwindling cost of living raises are not common and people might have a job somewhere but often end up under paid and with little benefits. Texas has more minimum wage earners than any other state. Looks good for unemployment stats but not the people who really live it.

    Not sure Slick Rick is who you think he is…

    • wormme says:

      Why wouldn’t I like you? Disliking everyone who disagrees with you is a sure-fire way to dislike everybody.

      Everybody’s making their arguments right now, and most folks notice the numbers that support their beliefs and somehow miss the ones that challenge them. I read an analysis today by someone who’s no fan of Perry’s, and he advises that the Gov. NOT be challenged on jobs. His numbers show that Texas is an incredible outlier on jobs, and that wage increases there have been 6th among all the states over the last few years.

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