Dadgummit, Mayor, no one has damaged your non-existent “race”.

Sure, it’s good that Philadelphia’s mayor is calling out flash mob sociopaths

Mr. Nutter, the city’s second black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

And get off my damn lawn!  Sorry.  Had to be said.  But this is wrong: 

They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. “You have damaged your own race.

What race is that?  Black?  Then what’s the offspring of a black and a white? 

…what?  She’s black?  I’d say more of a rich, creamy, delicious mocha, but whatever.  So, suppose she and I, her and me, made ourselves a baby or three?

(I’m willing to make that sacrifice…for science!)

So, Mayor Nutter, what race are the Halle/W.O.R.M hybrids?  Do we really have to follow this down to the very “last drop”?

There is only, now and forever, the human “race”.  It is comprised of about seven billion “minorities”, each one an individual.   And apparently these individuals come in two sorts:  those who can get hung up on labels like “race”, and one W.O.R.M.  

Only racists would draw racial conclusions from these flash mobs, and their minds were already made up.  And who gives a crap what racists believe?  If you use Jeffrey Dahmer to draw conclusions about me,  you think I’ll value your judgement?

And get off my damn lawn!    

Mayor, it’s a mistake to associate morality with anything but the human conscience.  Dagnabit, we are individuals, quit polluting the question of conscience with crud like racial responsibility. 

One man was kicked so savagely that he was hospitalized with a fractured skull.

Do I need to know anyone’s race here?  No.  It doesn’t even matter if the motive was racial.  You can be the most godawful racist who ever lived as long as you don’t do anything about it.  What matters is that one or more human beings opted to fracture another human skull.

Okay, rant over, assuming you’re off my lawn.  But a coda to all this, Mr. Mayor: 

Do you really think your comments will change anyone’s behavior?  Your stern disapproval will now deter thieves and assailants?

Do you really want this behavior to stop, Mayor Nutter? 

Well then…here’s your problem.  Am I sure?  Well, let’s see some other cities suffering from flash mobs:

In Chicago on Memorial Day weekend, roving teens flashed gang signs, knocked cyclists off their bikes and harassed picnickers. Police closed a popular beach as the violence escalated.

Well, lookie here!

In January, dozens of young people stormed a popular Milwaukee mall late in the afternoon and scared customers and store employees.

In theory the populace could deal with this situation, but not in practice.

In the District of Columbia, about 20 teenagers entered the G-Star Raw store on Connecticut Avenue at Dupont Circle in April and stole about $20,000 worth of merchandise before fleeing.

(Scratching head in confusion.)

And say, Merry Ol’ England doesn’t even have a Second Amendment to spit on, the way you American mayors do. 

How’s it going over there?

Mayor, muzzles mitigate mobs.   Muzzle flash trumps flash mob.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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9 Responses to Dadgummit, Mayor, no one has damaged your non-existent “race”.

  1. waytoomanydaves says:

    Quite right you are. It’s not about race; it’s about culture. There’s plenty of white kids walking around, looking and acting like knuckle-headed thugs, too. And Hispanic kids, and Asian kids, and… well, you get the idea.

    The youthful desire to rebel doesn’t stem from race, that’s just silly. It stems from dysfunctional child-rearing. From families that don’t spend enough time together, and with parents that don’t lay down the law (if they even understand what “the law” should be).

    Think I’m wrong? OK then, lets go find some Amish or Mennonite kids, and check out how well their pants fit. Let’s check out how often those kids get into trouble. Then let’s look at how those families handle child-rearing, and how they spend their time together.

    (I’m sure there are many other great examples. I just picked on the Mennonites because I recently spent some time around them in North Idaho, and I found them to be impressive people, especially in this department.)

    Intact families with strong parents. You know… “social fabric”. These things are the foundation of any healthy culture. Hip Hop culture discards and/or undermines family life, and the result is very predictable.


    One of my heroes is Roger Penske, the race team owner. Back in the 60s, Roger’s teams were among the first to adopt uniforms and spiffy-looking transporter vans. He once had (probably still has) a motto hanging on the wall in his race shops:

    “How you look is what you are.”

    In other words, if you look sharp and professional, chances are good that you truly possess those qualities. Conversely, if you look like a bum, you probably are one.

    Whiners will immediately complain that this is stereotyping, isn’t fair, it’s judging a book by its cover, yada yada…

    Bullshit. It’s how the world works, like it or not, and if you want to succeed and excel in the world, you often as not have to go along to get along, at least to some extent.

    It’s why we go the extra mile to look our absolute best at a job interview, or why your doctor bothers to put on a white lab coat, even though he could just as easily do his work in pajamas and slippers. First impressions, image, and perception are the base currency of human interaction, nowhere else more than in business, and if you want to play a part, you need to look the part.

    So if you want to walk around wearing corn rows and size 87 jeans, you should expect to be treated accordingly. This isn’t the United States of Snoop Dogg, and never will be. Even if you’re white.

  2. crosspatch says:

    It is my opinion that there is nothing about these flash mobs that a few sawed-off shotguns won’t fix. The come barging onto a store, the employees open up with bird shot shells. Three employees, three shotguns aimed at the door. I believe such a scenario would have to happen only two or three times to put a complete end to the activity.

    • wormme says:

      In my youth, rock salt ammo was not unheard of, especially when dealing with Halloween hooligans. A friend of my brother’s had a driver’s side door pockmarked with rust spots due to receiving that very incoming fire.

      For these folks, I think your bird shot prescription sounds about right.

  3. Mountainbear says:

    Cr*ckers. N*ggers. Ch*nks. And I’m lacking one for hispanics. See, I’m not racist against a special group. I’m “racist” against everyone. Or shall I say: I hate everybody equally.

    Bottom line: I don’t care about your skin color. If you threaten me or the people I love, well, I have 17 little friends who can all run faster than you in the first magazine. And I carry a few more of those.

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