“I’m so spinning, my head is dizzy…”

“…for progressives it never ends.”

Imagine “pivoting” always to the left, relentless.  Being mentally unbalanced like that for fifty years.  Is it any wonder Obama and Co. are all insane?  Americans who give the Iranian mullahs a pass while simultaneously calling Tea Partyers “terrorists”. 

Oh well.  Care for another dance?

Criminologist: It’s just a jump to the left

Chorus: And then a feint to the right

Criminologist: Take wallets off their hips

Chorus: And spend that cash tonight!

But it’s this red ink bust
That really drives ’em insane
Let’s slur the Tea Folks again
Let’s slur the Tea Folks again

With apologies to…guess it should be everyone, shouldn’t it?

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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11 Responses to “I’m so spinning, my head is dizzy…”

  1. Billy says:

    Remember our first exposure to Rocky Horror; Seeing Dave Yaks singing “I’m just a sweet transvestite” in the boy’s dorm on his way to the showers.

    • wormme says:

      Yep, I first heard it at Junior Scholars at WKU. Sixteen years old, going from the showers to my room in just a towel, and heard that very phrase.

      Scared the crap out of me.

  2. Mountainbear says:


    Uses data measured by a team at Keio University and Safecast.org and offers location-based readings beyond those taken by the government. The readings are updated every five minutes and reflect levels at 11 points mainly in northeast and east Japan. So says Japan Times.

    • wormme says:

      Can’t find the translate option.

      • Mountainbear says:

        I don’t think there is one. You can always copy and paste stuff into the translator of your choice. Click purple buttons on map to get data from the locations. Looking at in and aorund Tokyo, I see 0.070 uSv right now

        The cute image on the bottom talks about mSv, or better said, miri Shiiberuto.

        • wormme says:

          That’s about 7 microRem, which is easily within natural variation. I’m not saying it is environmental, just that millions of square miles of Earth are at that dose rate.

  3. Mountainbear says:

    Also this: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/mail/nn20110809a3.html It’s melting! Melting!

    And I hear Akihito and Michiko are on the road again visiting evacuees.

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