So much hilarious resentment and idiocy, so little time.

Lefties, lefties, slow down!  Burn a doob or something.  There’s only so much W.O.R.M. to go around. 

On second thought, cry harder.  Your tears are delicious.

Some of these RCP links are from yesterday, but the whiners saw the lay of the land and they’re “Newspeaking” like crazy.  And speaking of crazy…tyranny tyranny tyranny!:

The tyranny is coming from the 87 members of Congress from the tea party caucus…

Who were elected for their promise to rein in government spending and debt…

whose selfish and irresponsible demands …

…and are now keeping their word!  Poor Maria.  She’s a Democratic strategist; seeing principled politics has unhinged her pretty lil’ head.

What is worse, these 87 little tyrants have no clear understanding…

“Little”.  The “stupid” accusation also comes through, no?  But if these 87 stupid little tyrants can beat up all the Democrats and half the Republicans…what does that say about you, Ms. Cardona?  Ipso de facto, the Establishment is even weaker, even littler, even stupider.

Much as I enjoy her foot stamping, she does go on.  And on. 

In the end history shows us, all tyrants fall, as do those who facilitated their tyranny.

Remember, she means the Tea Party politicians are the tyrants.  They ran for office promising to do what they’re doing.  The majority of their constituents agreed.  And keeping their word makes them dictators. 

This is how screwed-up leftists get.  Take Peter Beinart, who’s one of the least insane of his ilk.  He compares and contrasts now with the dawn of the New Deal, in befuddlement.    

Historians will long debate why the financial collapse of 2008 produced a right-wing populist movement and not a left-wing one.

Wow.  That would require the historian to be both leftist and stupid.  Maybe Pete would understand if he used terms of reason instead of buzzwords.  Substitute “less government” for right-wing and “more government” for left-wing. 

Ruthless capitalists were actually part of the problem eighty years ago.  Now it’s “crony capitalism”.  The government can’t stand corporate monopolies…unless it’s the one establishing them.  Incandescent light bulb, anyone?    

In sum, Pete, government wasn’t the problem prior to the New Deal because the New Deal is the problem.  Today’s entire mess is due to intrusive government.  Every single bit.  No one else need apply.  Not capitalists, not ‘Tea Party tyrants”, not Republicans wanting to starve children and eat Grandma…wait, got that backwards, sorry…Big Federal alone is responsible for our Big Mess.

“Less government” populists gained power over the “more government” populists because American voters decided that “more government” is the bigger problem right now. 

Meanwhile, the Tea Party’s dream of a government reduced to its pre-welfare-state size becomes ever real.

From your lips to God’s ears, Pete.  I can’t wait for Maria’s next tantrum.  And man, I’ve only scratched the surface of lefty reactions to the debt deal.  Will try to be more succinct on any further ones.

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14 Responses to So much hilarious resentment and idiocy, so little time.

  1. Mountainbear says:

    I wish Maria some sharia law. Then she cen see true tyranny. Or some real socialism. But then again, under both systems she wouldn’t survive very long. After all I’m pretty sure a “proper” socialist regime would quickly label her an “enemy of the people” and would send her off to the gulags for “the greater good” while under sharia law… well… look at her. She’s not properly covered, that infidel whore!

  2. DefendUSA says:

    I know so many libs like Petey boy. They blame all the worlds ills on the mean and nasty wealthy and continue to support shit policies of their own party because it makes them feeeeel goood. The problem with that is that it supports lack of productivity among those poor befuddled and lets the freeloaders piggy back the rest of us for life.
    Those who supported The Pied Piper continue to be blind to his leadership (lack thereof) and don’t seem to get that if the ship goes down, no matter what the P-2 promised- they go down, too. I mean, good God try and explain that to them and you get all the BDS you can possibly stand.

  3. Saul says:

    *insert Joker Laugh Here*

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  5. Some Guy says:

    Crony Capitalism was part of the problem 80 years ago, too. All the favored industries sat down at the table and agreed with FDR to get with his program and in recompense, FDR shut down all their competition for them.

    • wormme says:

      Oh, god, I don’t doubt you.

      I should go ahead and research the guy, maybe do a total oppo research on him. Except my loathing for him is already so great. Lefties love to hate, I don’t.

      But thank you for further confirmation on the country’s worst executive.

    • D.J. says:

      W.O.R.M., read Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism, if you can find a copy. There’s a lot about FDR in there, and indeed how fascism in many ways was and is the alliance of government and business.

      • wormme says:

        I’ve heard nothing but good things about L.F. Will probably read it sometime. But currently I need reasons not to hate leftists. There’s no shortage of ammo for hating them, and I’m not supposed to hate, for religious reasons.

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