Good debt commentary and reporting here.

Nice article summing up the debt fight and what is to come.

The Tea Party came under fire from all sides Friday…

All sides of the Beltway.  Huzzah!  Let’s hear it for the patriots! 

Conservatives should…scour the legislation to make certain it lives up to its billing.

I assure you, it doesn’t live up to its billing.  Washingtonians have a lot more experience in budgetary lies than Tea Partyers have in unravelling them.  But they’re learning. 

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid complained Saturday evening that Congress has raised the debt limit 74 times since 1962 without conditions.  He is right. This is happening for the first time in history, thanks to the Tea Party.

Poor Dingy Harry.  Stings, don’t it, seeing your credit cards cut up right in front of you?  But collateral-free lending is for responsible borrowers.  You want more spending money, sell off your unnecessary crap.  Heck, I’ll pay you ten grand for the Hope Diamond.  Now get a hundred million Americans to make comparable purchases and you’ve got another trillion with which to bribe your constituents.  

The Tea Party took tax hikes off the table and held the line — another major victory.

Good point.  The writer nicely points out how the Tea Partys have changed the national conversation.

Well, if Axelrod is so confident that Obama is winning this “definitional fight,” why was the White House so adamant about ducking a second round next year? 

Heh heh.  Because…Tea Partys!  Economic terrorists!  People will believe it if we say it often enough!

Instead of winning over independents with his calls for a “balanced” approach, the president’s support among independents has collapsed. … Whatever the president’s strategy was, it failed.

What does he mean, “whatever the strategy”?  This Thiessen guy is sharp.  I bet he could, privately, describe the strategy easily.  But he’s still a political animal, steeped in the Beltway, so harsh candor is not on his agenda.

Leftist strategy is to use lies and ad hominem attacks to divide and conquer.    

That’s it.  For progressive drones it’s not a conscious strategy, but it certainly is for the students of Alinsky.  They know what they do.  They skip past the morality of lying and care only about its effectiveness.

Thing is, remember the lies Obama started with?  Way back during 2008?  “I’m a uniter, a healer of rifts and bridger of divides…”


The proper counter to this is brutal truth, repeated every time a leftist lies.

The Democrats are doing to America what the Democrats did to Detroit.

(In all fairness, for decades RINOs have helped.  Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” was neither compassionate nor conservative.) 

P.S.–Who started this “Tea Partyers are hobbits” thing anyway?  Thiessen says…John McCain?!  I was guessing the NYT. 

But sure, John.  Reluctant (political) warriors quietly minding their own business until an agressive, malevolent tyranny forced them to defend themselves?  Yeah, that’s a pretty good analogy… 


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16 Responses to Good debt commentary and reporting here.

  1. Xpat says:

    Off topic, but 10,000 mili-Sieverts/hr coming out somewhere near the tower by no. 2 at Fukushima. Some bad mojo.

  2. Xpat says:

    And, just had a “round about midnight” quake, 6.1, in Shizuoka (quite near that controversial Hamaoka plant) which got probably a 5. No tsunami danger.

  3. waytoomanydaves says:

    There is broad consensus coming from the media this morning – they are universally pissed-off that we (TEA people) made the real difference in this fiasco. All I see is fuming, sour grapes, and temper tantrums.


  4. Sue says:

    Whoever started the “Tea Partyers are hobbits” thing evidently didn’t see the movies or read the books. The Hobbits were the ones that didn’t fall under the spell of Evil, and they’re the ones that won the fight for Good. Hmmm…. 🙂

  5. DefendUSA says:

    I am a tea party person. Some of us were St. Crispians (We few, we orphaned, but principled conservatives.) who voted third party in some cases because the lesser of two evils was not the answer. It is about principles, period. And these folks we elected better not continue to falter, because a civil war of action will ensue as opposed to the civil war of ideas. The tea party will not go away quietly if the incumbent conservatives continue to ignore us.

  6. Saul says:

    If we’re hobbits, then the Dems are Edmund Blackadder

    • wormme says:

      Ah ha ha ha!

      That’s using the ol’ Bean. Congrats.

    • Mountainbear says:

      More like Melchett and Queenie. Blackadder only tried to get a piece of the cake for himself. Or sometimes a pigeon.

      If the Tea Party are Hobbits, then McCain is Saruman. Nancy Pelosi is Gollum. Obama is one of the Nine (but not the Witchking himself.) No, he’s not “good” enough to be Sauron. The Leftists are the Orcs and their muselmanic butt-buddies are the Easterlings. And we shall meet them on the Pelennor Fields eventually.

      Sometimes I think the Professor foresaw all of this when he worked on the story.

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