At least the world is glad of our spending “restraint”.

Wait, what?

German leftists refuse to be outwhined by their American fellow travellers.

The Tea Party movement shuns both, preferring instead to drive the state into bankruptcy.  …even as they sit in Congress and enjoy the kinds of job benefits they would like to strip from their fellow Americans.

Spot on!  So what’s changed, Gregor?

It used to be that politicians would campaign on anti-Washington platforms, but would still be proud of being in Congress once elected.

They campaigned on lies, right.  Are you saying honesty is destroying America? 

It’s a matter of principle. They view themselves as being on a mission and proudly claim to not think about their re-election chances. They are focused on their principles.

And that’s…bad?  Surely not, being principled means-

…they are betraying the principles of democracy.

Ha ha, good one!  German/English translations are pretty good, so I know Gregor is getting punked by some linguist.  Might as well cycle further quotes through Babelfish, English to German and back. 

That should solve the problem.

It is in form of the democracy to think to at re-election. It means that politicians remain in the note with their voters — and it keeps it opened to the compromise.

Ahhh.  Much better.  Keep the note open to compromise, got it.

But the tea party opposite compromise, this lubricant of all legislation bodies ebungs. They practice a form of the democracy, but in its rawest, most competitive form.

That actually makes…ebungs?  Lemme check…ebungs is ebungs in both English and German.  How it got here I haven’t a clue.  Is “ebung” the raw, primal essence of democracy?

A republican party ” is by a party, which more a psychological protest than a practical is, regulate-alternative, ” stuck on…

Eh.  Still makes more sense than Maria Cardona.

Most Americans, are finally also confidence with the founder fathers that the tea party movement is so vernarrt into quoting. And which said Jefferson, Washington, Madison and the others, than their recent republic was forced to borrow money? The condition, they said, had to pay its debts. In this point they did not know a compromise.

Of course the Tea Partys have never said we shouldn’t pay our debts, which is why they’ve had enough of them.  But you go, Gregor!  Schlagen Sie oben diesen Strohmann!

P.S.–Wenn Griechenland eine Tee-Partei hatte, konnte Deutschland nicht mit ihrer Schuld fest erhalten haben.

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7 Responses to At least the world is glad of our spending “restraint”.

  1. waytoomanydaves says:

    So many heads are exploding today, I fear we’ll be tip-toeing around all of the loose gray matter for weeks, maybe months.

    Ain’t it grand?

  2. Saul says:

    Look at it this way…free compost

  3. DefendUSA says:

    Saul and WTMD…next time leave a spew alert! THAT gave me a side stitch, I laughed so hard!

  4. Mountainbear says:

    Der Spiegel has long since stopped being a reliable source for anything except toilet paper.

    • wormme says:

      My German Science Babe just said “yep” to your comment. Because she’s the GSB.

      • Mountainbear says:

        They used to be a pretty good paper, but then they started pushing “global warming”, defended islam all the time, and bash people like Wilders. The truth means nothing to them anymore, neither do facts.

        By the way, you can’t really translate the Tea Party into German, mainly because of its roots in the Boston Tea Party. The “Tee Partei” would actually be a political party about tea. So far I’ve always seen them being called “Tea Party” in the German language. It’s like with… the O.K.Corral or Little Big Horn and similar.

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