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Newt Gengrinch?

How the GOP stole Christmas. …Boehner plan would have the debt ceiling all over again during the holiday season, which is critical for the economy. God, these miserable gits.  They trumpet the immensity of the crisis and its imminent approach.  … Continue reading

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Keeping the primitives down where they belong.

We’ve spent trillions here in the U.S. to fight “poverty”.  And by “fighting” it, I mean subsidizing it.  Of course, we subsidize things like home ownership or college because we know subsidies increase their presence.  So of course by subsidizing poverty will…er…  But domestic … Continue reading

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Can’t she be both?

SkepChick. Passive-Aggressive, or Slimy? I suspect the answer is “drama addict”.  But without enough interest to actually watch the interview.

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Bad omen.

Apparently the city and county of my birth is about to experience the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history. Does this foreshadow the nation of my birth experiencing the biggest bankruptcy in human history?  Yep.  Probably.  But Andrew Bennett, who works in a … Continue reading

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Another reason to disinter Effin’DR’s bones and cast them from our free nation.

Good article here.  Hey, did you know FDR compared Republicans to Fascists (Nazis)…in 1944?! Yet look at who the enslavers are today.

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Republicans continue to surprise.

Apparently phoney-baloney tax cuts aren’t good enough anymore. “The members have said that the reason we should fight for Cut, Cap and Balance is that our leaders will pass a bad deal with phony spending cuts and the possibility of … Continue reading

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Not everyone who says to him “Lord, Lord”.

Just because someone claims to be Christian, doesn’t mean he is.  If he maintains that position while being tortured to death, yes, he’s a Christian. If he murders close to a hundred people, one at a time, over the course … Continue reading

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Round and round we go…

…where debt increase talks stop, nobody knows.  Until the rise of the Tea Partys, nothing political had surprised me in years.  It was obvious prior to the election that Obama would be a disaster to liberty-lovers, but that McCain was a RINO statist … Continue reading

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We really enjoyed Captain America.

Very good.  Non-comic geeks will have no problems following it, but there are Easter Eggs for us weirdos.  The best was the Expo statue that resembled the original Human Torch.  “He” (an android) was a member of the Invaders, an Axis-fighting … Continue reading

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Seeing the Shield Slinger.

We decided on the spur-of-the-moment to go to Captain America shortly.  What few reviews I’ve seen have all been very positive. Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull!  Wooo-hooo!

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