Another reason to disinter Effin’DR’s bones and cast them from our free nation.

Good article here.  Hey, did you know FDR compared Republicans to Fascists (Nazis)…in 1944?!

Yet look at who the enslavers are today.

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4 Responses to Another reason to disinter Effin’DR’s bones and cast them from our free nation.

  1. Rana says:

    They are the radical right who still aim to ruin for political gain. So sad.

    • wormme says:

      I was thinking more along the lines of adults borrowing and spending money on themselves and passing the burden on to children.

      You or I would go to jail for doing that. Politicians (from both parties) expected to be adored for it.

  2. Rana says:

    Unfortunately we will always pass on burden to our children, but those types of ideas make the reality to grandiose to appear like we can tackle it so people get scared. Trouble in this current situation is that nothing has changed only the strive for power. The debt ceiling was raised 17 times during Reagan and I believe 8 times during W. No one took it to these extremes, it was necessary and then approved, simple. Now, we blow it up and make it huge so that the right can get away with allowing their money floats who are the multi-billionaires not pay their fair share and pockets keep getting full. We’re NOT that far off from each other, trouble is one side just won’t budge. Again those who will falter if the debt ceiling doesn’t go up are once again the middle class and no one seems to worry that it’s dwindling quick, why? Because the minutia of everything else which is not important is getting in the way. SO SAD!

    • wormme says:

      The debt is about $50,000 per person, and increasing by $5,000 per year. The reason Washington, Reps and Dems alike, kept kicking things down the road is because they knew we could deal with the problem later on.

      This is later on.

      The debt has increased so much, so fast–under Bush and even more under Obama–that lenders are becoming reluctant to lend.

      Just look at federal spending as if it was your household budget, and see how sane it looks. Try spending 40% more than you take in for a decade and see how your future looks.

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