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The debt limit hasn’t always been raised.

The Administration and Geithner the Tax Cheat are using the threat of default in seeking vast increases in taxes.  Why don’t people keep pointing out that the limit hasn’t been raised every time it’s been attempted.  Defaults to date:  zero.  … Continue reading

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Good article on unions.

Ramesh Ponnuru notes that unions are simply non-competitive.  He could have extended that into the education field.  Non-unionized teachers would be better than unionized ones.  Which is why unions fight so fiercely against school choice.  They know.

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Driven from my own home.

Just found out that, due to gnats, my niece and brother have bug-bombed the house, and it’s still several  hours until it gets aired out.  I’m not purposefully avoiding you guys, stuff is just happening.

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Channel WORM V-52 still on the air.

We mentioned we went home early yesterday, didn’t we?  Straight to a lack of internet access.  The actual problem proved to be our router dropping the IP address.  But since that particular problem had never arisen before, and lots of others have… … Continue reading

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There are many branches on the Ugly Tree.

Here are a few.

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Now and then the Supreme Court gets something right.

Like this one. Scalia said there is no tradition in the United States of restricting children’s access to depictions of violence, pointing out the violence in the original depiction of many popular children’s fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella … Continue reading

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Channel WORM Ce-124 now on the air.

Greetings from homina homina homina Broadway Baby! Ahem. Thank you for joining us.  Today we suffer through four hours of work, followed by fireworks shopping and an assortment of foodystuffs from here. Days like this that remind us that, despite leftists’ best efforts, America is still so special.  Fireworks and fiery … Continue reading

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