Channel WORM Fe-60 now on the air.

Greetings from The Thirst Mutilator.

We’ve actually had the chance to catch up on news…unfortunately.  Same ol’ same ol’, apart from the swelling leftist hatred and name-calling.  Imagine how bad it will get through 2012, given that we’re not allowed to beat the crap out of them.

So, back to our usual refrain:  the left is demonstrably inferior to us mentally and morally, and it’s wrong on our part to let them get away with the pretense. 

Starting with the President.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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2 Responses to Channel WORM Fe-60 now on the air.

  1. thepi says:

    One good thing for the cause of liberty is that big government is pretty good at making enemies with arbitrary and capricious use of force:

    Their story helped fuel a growing fear that the county government is tracking people using inordinate resources and invasive techniques. “I bought a piece of property, 6 and a half acres,” Romary says of the land under contention, “a wonderful piece of property. It was my life. It was everything that I wanted. It had a foundation, had water, had septic. I inherited a mobile home from my grandparents” in which he and Amalia lived.

    “I showed up in court not knowing what this was all about, and they said, ‘You are illegally living on your land.’ Now, how that’s possible, I don’t know.”

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