Channel WORM Br-84 now off the air.

Thank you for joining us.

Upon reflection, we regret calling Obama a “bitch”.  “Diva” seems much better, in retrosight. 

Also, it’s possible the last few days have made us a bit testy.

Several readers have noted the Los Alamos fires, which are admittedly right down our alley.  We have been following it, but until today did not know the volume of waste they have in the “semi-outside”.

Still, it doesn’t seem like something to worry about.  We are both radiologically-expert and  semi-pyrophiliac, and don’t believe that radioactivity will be dispersed that is both significant and dangerous.  Forest fires can be amazingly hot with sufficient fuel; but, we don’t believe very many of those steel drums are in forested areas.  There are of course many other factors involved, but the physics of the matter seem solidly on the safe side.  No one will be detectably damaged from even the worst-case Los Alamos fire.

We mean radiologically, of course.  Our prayers are with the fire-fighters.  

Goodnight and God bless, from the single greatest sitcom episode of all time:

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5 Responses to Channel WORM Br-84 now off the air.

  1. Rana says:

    They said if the fire got too close they’d douse the cans with fire-retardant foam.

  2. thepi says:

    I love me, baby!

  3. Mountainbear says:

    Kepco, Kansai Electric Power, says “nuclear power is here to stay”:
    I absolutely love the shareholders in this one.

    And the reactors in Genkai are close to coming back online:

    Power is needed.
    So, what are all the environitwits going to say about this, in their air-conditioned offices? That power demand is pretty much… wow. And that’s only Tepco. Someone tell me how solar and wind are going to produce that, reliably! Not like in the UK, where, without French nuclear power, people would have frozen to death in their homes last winter.

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