Is Mr. Rubio the youngest  Senator?  And yet he’s easily one of the most mature.

He’s part of a proposal to rescind $45 billion in unspent resources, and

…it is one that has already received the support of 81 Senators, including 34 Democrats.

It’s a start.  Hopefully the idea is to set a precedent and then go for the almost $700 billion remaining in unspent funds.  Doubt they’ll keep 34 Democrats onboard for that, though.

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5 Responses to Marco…Rubio.

  1. midwest bill says:

    spend all that on saving Los alamos nuke plant … haven’t you heard … the end is near … leading news on major (chump) networks … despite assurances of safety … they’re pretty sure these nuke plants are in danger by fire or flood … just like most of Japan was wiped out by (no, not the tsunami) the nuke disaster. Nukes bad … windmills good … oil bad, flintstone cars good.

    anyway … just wondering if you have comment … hypster drudge is even headlining Los Alamos.

    • wormme says:

      I very much doubt these fires can hit on anything that would endanger anyone, radiologically. That’s not to say that they couldn’t get at some relatively hot materials and disperse them. We can see such small concentrations that almost any inventory dispersal would be detected.

  2. midwest bill says:

    It seemed absurd to me, like more sensationalizing. … but then they said they are stored in some fabric sort of structure, not a hardened structure. That seemed especially odd. And it would seem they’d be stored with trees cleared for a long distance.

    Anyway, the experts seemed to say they were safe, so it seemed the hype on the major networks was just another job at anything that provides real energy to US.

  3. midwest bill says:

    another “jab”

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