“Progressive” Christians are worse than other American Christians

It’s true.  From now on you’ll see it, “it” happening on a regular basis. 

First, some people who profess Christ don’t believe in Him at all.  This percentage is large when there are secular benefits, falling to exactly zero when Christianity is punishable by death.  We’ll assume the “activist Christians” I rebuked yesterday are brothers and sisters ensnared by worldly cares, not pretenders to Christianity.    

Now, about my authority to make judgement.  While still very carnal myself, I’m a knowledgeable Christian.  (Which makes it worse, I know.)  My Dad is a preacher who relentlessly practices what he preaches.  Which is pretty unusual in people no matter what their claims.  And I had the Bible, especially the New Testament, drilled into my head nightly for my first 17 years.  I still don’t like going to church partly because of the sheer drudgery in my youth.

So.  Though not the Biblical scholar my parents are, I’ve heard and read every New Testament verse repeatedly.  And there’s nothing in there…nothing… that permits a Christian to seek power over others.    

How harmless is Christianity?  The biggest infringement we’re allowed of others is to see if they’re willing to hear the Word.

And that’s it.  Full stop.  End of story.

And it doesn’t mean collaring total strangers and yelping that they’re lost without Christ.  Be “wise as a serpent”, remember?  Are you so unwise you don’t see when a blunt conversion attempt will provoke blunt object trauma?  Then frankly, brother, you’ve got that beating coming.

We must share our faith with the willing.  But with the unwilling we are not even to impose words, but to “shake their dust off our feet” instead.

(Compare this faith to Islam.  One is for strong, peaceful men and women; the other is for weak, violent boys.) 

The Apostle Paul preached to pagans ignorant of Christ. But today we have the “post-Christian” West. As C.S. Lewis noted, other tactics are needed:

A person must court a virgin differently than a divorcee. One welcomes the charming words; the other needs a demonstration of love to overcome inbuilt skepticis

No words will change mountainbear’s mind when he can cite wrongs done by “Christians” or even in the name of Christ.  That Jesus knew this would happen “like wolves among the fold” means nothing to non-Christians. 

It also means every time God is invoked for carnal concerns, secular passions, and worldly desires, non-Christians are hardened further from the Word.

You see why I break out the “rebuke stick”?  And is it obvious now why Democratic, liberal, leftist, and progressive Christians are worse at it than other Christians?  Assuming they’re Christian at all?

They seek to impose their religious beliefs.

That is not Christian.  That has never been Christian.  That will never be Christian.

“But Wormme,” you say, “only a very few leftists do this.”

Hey, only a very few “Christians” belong to Westboro Baptist.  How many of the rest of us denounce their behavior?  Approximately 100% sound right?

What percentage of leftist Christians denounce fellow travellers for claiming God Almighty as a socialist?  Try 0%.  But that number would instantly switch to 100% for any Republican playing the God Card.

Thus leftist Christians either aren’t Christians, or…they’re so immature they’re like spiritual fetuses.

So again I rebuke James Salt, Catholics United, and American Values Network.  And never forget “Reverends” Sharpton and Jackson, shepherds leading entire flocks astray.  Pastors calling upon the Divine to justify their political ends. 

Get the hell out of my religion. 


About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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