Carnal Christians ( of which I am one).

Whoa, this has me steamed.  Apparently agreement with Ayn Rand’s economics beliefs is un-Christian.  Self-professed Christians dare lecture me about choosing between masters?  Without citing ScriptureHere’s some for you.  I’d say yours are sequoia-sized.

James Salt of Catholics United, asked Paul Ryan, “Why did you choose to model your budget off the extreme ideology of Ayn Rand rather than base it on the economic justice and values of the Bible?

And so James Salt, Catholics United, American Values Network…I rebuke you

As a Christian, I rebuke your carnal ways.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Son of God Almighty, I rebuke you all. 

You reject this rebuke?  Obviously you must do it with Scripture.  Here’s mine:

Jesus refused to become embroiled in secular matters.  He refused to become an earthly king!  When crowds tried to force him to rule them, he slipped away.

Jesus would have nothing to do with secular government.  This was established and reiterated, over and over, in both Word and Deed.

Right?  So from where I sit…with my Bible…you’re a bunch of religious liars.

Now, I’m trying to come up with Scripture to help your argument.  Seeing as you forgot to bring any.  Maybe there’s none to find?  There’s endless exhortation for us to be charitable as individuals.  But let’s take the ultimate story of charity, the parable of the Good Samaritan.  I’ll update the people to help your Scriptureless perspective:

James Salt gets robbed, beaten half to death, and thrown in a ditch.  Thomas Friedman  (priest) walks without stopping.  Then John Edwards (Levite) passes the man, also doing nothing.

Then Sarah Palin sees the man.  She expends considerable time and resources in ensuring Salt’s survival and eventual health. 

Meanwhile Friedman and Edwards agree that Palin’s taxes must be raised to protect Friedman and Edwards from the distress of having to walk past another wounded man.

You so-called or carnal Christians, by your fruits we know ye.  Leftist “Christians” do less charity than libertarian atheists.  By your fruits we know ye.  Leftist “Christians” avoid or outright cheat on taxes while raising them on others.  By your fruits we know ye.

You could be doing good works instead of playing political firebrand.  But your heart isn’t in doing charity.  Your heart is in mocking others and forcing your opponents to do your will.  Y’know.  Just like Christ.

Those are your fruits. 

I rebuke them, and you.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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11 Responses to Carnal Christians ( of which I am one).

  1. Mountainbear says:

    I’m no Christian. I’m the one who usually screams “God, if it exists, will judge you buy your deeds, not by which tree you barked at.”

    And frankly, I’ve seen many “Christians” in my life who, when looking at what Jesus said…… Well… I could say “who aren’t really Christians in Jesus’ spirit”, but I rather say “who would get smacked by Jesus with the Gnarled Staff of Asswhoop +3.”

    • wormme says:

      As a Christian I hold Christians to Christian standards, no one else. Having said that, the Talky Industries make it a point to publicize the false or carnal ones. So the percentage of hypocrites probably seems larger than it actually is. You never hear of the tens of millions of quiet, faithful believers.

  2. Cate says:

    Ah, so you have discovered one of the (many) hijackers in the Catholic Church. Catholics who are aware of what the Church actually teaches understand how charity works. Unfortunately, leftists infiltrated the Church quite a while ago and have worked very hard to distort charity (caritas) into the palatable sounding social justice, which is nothing more than an euphemism for the leftist / socialist agenda. Fortunately, people in the Church are waking up to the fact that Catholic teaching on this issue (and many others) has been subverted by some. Our outrage matches yours, so do not be quick to paint all of us Catholics with the same brush. We aren’t all alike. Jesus said we would have to suffer weeds among the wheat (Matthew 13:24-30) and Catholics United is just one weed among many.

    (Please note I did not say you were painting all Catholics with the same brush in your post above. Just cautioning that while tempting, as anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice in America, it would not be accurate.)

    • DefendUSA says:

      Cate…You bring up charity and Catholicism in the same sentence. As a devil’s advocate I ask: Do you believe one form of charity trumps another? I

      • Cate says:

        Technically, no. One form of charity would not trump another. For example, mowing someone’s yard who is unable to do it themselves isn’t any better than helping someone buy groceries. Each act is willing the good of another, which is what charity or love is – willing the good of another. Rating these acts of charity on some kind of 1-10 scale is contrary to charity itself. That said….

        Where one seems to hear the word “trump” relative to charity is usually when ideas are put forth about how it should be practiced communally / as a society. At that level, charity has to fit a few more parameters to remain truly charitable. For example, one cannot hurt one group to benefit another and it has to be voluntary or it’s not charity at all, it’s coercion. Willing the good of another isn’t enough to trump the damage done to others. As the saying goes, “The end doesn’t justify the means.”

        Hope that answered your question.

    • Mountainbear says:

      Catholics… yeah, right… Okay…

      Catholics… like that John Pope 2.0 who said that using a condom was a sin? Or that Pope Palpatine (aka Benedict) who twiddles his thumbs and has his minions inside the EU tell us that islam is good because it brings god back into society? Or Caritas, which, in Austria, has the habit of goose-stepping with the rabid left wing when it comes to “new poverty” and immigration? They all whine about how so and so many people are poor and that the government must hand out more money. I see this “new poverty” every time I go shopping on Saturday. You have to be careful not get trampled by hordes of people. As for immigration… I rather not say anything.

      Mind you, the Protestants over here aren’t any better. Anglicans, for example, there’s this one bishop in the UK who wants sharia law. The German protestants have numerous leaders who sing the same tune as their Catholic counterparts about islam and immigration. Say one word against islam or demand controlled immigration and Catholic and Protestant leaders are all over you denouncing and condemning your “Nazi” ways.

      It just proves my point over and over again: religion exists to execute power over people. And these so called leaders think they have the moral high ground over the rest of us.

      I’m not even going into how John Paul 2.0 and Palpatine have been covering child molesting priests and monks from the law. They’re just as bad as the left wing in this regard. Seriously. When someone rapes a child, all the leftists come with an army of psychologists and psychiatrists to get the bastard free (and the penalities for it are already a joke over here), or, if the monster is famous, the media also joins the “crusade”, as seen with Polanski. If priests do the same, the left wing is up in arms, but the Church moves quickly to protect these guys.

      It’s all a joke. They’re all bastards no matter what tree they bark at.

  3. Xpat says:

    True, but where is the original article or reference from?

    It’s easy enough to slap down a progressive/statist coughing up (probably) some half-chewed Dorothy Day. But the number of Christians who are not leftist but might find Ayn Rand objectionable (for being pro-abortion, anti-God, etc.) is not small (see Mark Shea’s blog). Someone has to articulate a synthesis of Libertarian ideas that is compatible or at least not flat out self-contradictory from this standpoint. (I’m attracted to Libertarian ideas more and more, but I’ve not read Ayn Rand and don’t know the ins and outs.) PJ O’Rourke laid a lot of groundwork for that with his brilliant review of Atlas Shrugged. Offhand, I’d say that the Tea Partiers have less in common with Ayn Rand than they do (obviously not by design) with papal encyclicals on economic matters like Rerum Novarum and Centenimus Annus, which are basically about maximizing liberty and opportunity and creativity. It’s got to be shown that statism stifles all three and that this is compatible with scripture and (for Catholics) church teaching. Chesterton and Distributism (which influenced Dorothy Day) is much closer to Tea Partyism than statism, which Chetsteron loathed.

    • wormme says:

      What’s wrong with Doris Day?!

      Never mind. Excellent points. Statism is a religion, albeit a pathetically weak one. I’m not a Randian myself, never read her. My love of liberty is apparently by nature, but everything I’ve learned from Scripture reinforces my belief that God wants us to be as free as possible. We are His children.

      Thank you for the great comment!

      • Xpat says:

        Thanks! A lot more can be said on that subject, but anyway . . .

        You know, I seriously under-rated Doris Day in my idiotic youth, when thought I was too hip to even put her on the radar screen. Like so many other opinions held in youth, it was wrong. She was actually a great singer and great comedienne.

        Dorothy Day was actually a serious thinker back in the day, and, though she is used to kind of pump up some “social justice” types, she would surely reject most of the platforms of present day progressivism. That could be Monday morning apologia, though! I know about her mostly 2nd or 3rd hand.

  4. Xpat says:

    Well, I really enjoyed that discussion for the few minutes it lasted!

    It went to Internet discussion heaven, where all good Internet discussions go.

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